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Comfortably nurture your baby with breastfeeding supplies from Sears

Breastfeeding success requires time, patience and long-term commitment, not to mention a cache of supporting equipment. Because breastfeeding is one of the most personal choices you'll make concerning your baby's care, shouldn't you give the same careful consideration to the breastfeeding supplies you buy? Sears thinks so. That's why we're the go-to spot for your breastfeeding accessories. Shop for an electric breast pump with all the bells and whistles, or pick a manual pump that easily packs up and travels. Find nursing pillows, nursing pads and an array of little extras designed to keep breastfeeding comfortable, clean and discreet.

Do you go with a plug-in breast pump or keep it hand-powered? The answer depends on your lifestyle and your budget. Are you staying home with baby or heading back to work? Are you using the breast exclusively or pumping milk to bottle feed? Do you demand top-of-the-line products or do you seek simplicity? Electric pumps are ultra-efficient with features like timers, memory settings, adjustable suction and backup battery power. Many come with travel bags you can tote on a day trip or even to the workplace, so you never have to break your pumping schedule or fall back on baby formula. Sears has double electric pumps that collect from both sides and single pumps that let you multi-task while collecting. You can even shop replacement parts including valves, cords and shields at Sears for your specific breast pump model.

Sears' selection of manual breast pumps will appeal to mothers with a keep-it-simple mentality, or on-the-go moms who like to travel light. They're smaller and more affordable, with fewer parts to assemble and clean, and no cords whatsoever to tie you down. Easy hand operation lets you pump at your own pace, and some models offer adjustable tension to help prevent hand fatigue. Plus, noise is never an issue with these compact, quiet designs. Of course, you can always employ an electric breast pump during the hours you're home with your baby and use a manual pump while you're away: a perfect solution for professionals striving to balance work with breastfeeding.

No matter your pumping method of choice, you'll need storage bottles for refrigeration, as well as cooler bags and freezer packs for taking breast milk to go. Sears can provide you with these supplemental essentials, plus baby bottles and nipples for infants who switch between bottle and breast. An ample supply of nursing pads is a must, whether you wear the washable kind or stock up on disposables, to protect your clothing between each feeding and avoid embarrassing leaks. You'll also want lanolin ointment and soothing breast shells for instant relief from inevitable soreness.

Do you know the football hold and the cross-cradle position? A nursing pillow will help you learn the time-tested ways to breastfeed a baby, helping you find the one your infant prefers. Ergonomically designed for both mother's and baby's comfort, these pillows are ideal for midnight feedings, travel and nursing after a C-section. Entertaining guests at home or taking your baby out for the day? Try a handy nursing cover in a contemporary print to keep your breasts concealed while your baby enjoys a meal. Breastfeeding moms work hard to provide the highest standards of baby nutrition, so shop for breastfeeding supplies at Sears to keep your little one naturally nourished.


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