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      Find baby cups and baby tableware for infants and toddlers at Sears

      Pediatricians disagree about what the best time is to wean a baby off a bottle and have your little one start drinking out of a cup. Regardless, most parents these days transition their child through this process by using baby cups or sippy cups, straw cups and then moving on to regular glassware. Using these cups prevents spills and allows your baby some time to get used to gripping a glass. Many baby cups, in fact, come with handles or ergonomically engineered indentations and a sip spout or straw for these very reasons.

      While you're little one sits in their high chair, turn eating into a fun game by pretending their baby tableware is a train or an airplane. When making meal time as fun as possible, you'll quickly learn your baby's signal for I don't like that. So when their baby tableware spoon is slowly coming to them with split peas and your little one makes a funny face, you'll know it's not their favorite. It can be a task to feed your child, no matter how fun mealtime is, but you can always try to make things fun with playful baby cups and baby utensils from Kmart.

      Transitioning from the soft feel of pureed foods to more texture-laden foods like meats can be seamless or prove challenging; each child is different. Your baby will begin to feel in charge of their eating choices when they can look forward to seeing plates and bowls with teddy bears, ducks and even their favorite characters. Pretty soon they'll easily recognize their tableware and see meal time as a fun time of day, full of discovery and possibilities for exploration.

      Plastic spoons and forks made especially for baby-size hands give them a chance to enhance their small-motor skills in a way that keeps them as safe as possible. Baby spoons and forks have more rounded edges than grown-up utensils and are a smaller size to fit a child's small fingers and mouth. They are also made of softer materials than the metal utensils adults use and provide better opportunities for your baby to learn to use silverware so they can become empowered eaters.

      Since baby nutrition is no doubt your number one priority, these days there are lots of ways to make sure your infant or toddler gets all the vitamins, protein and other nutrients their growing body needs. In addition to choosing fresh foods to feed your baby, a variety of supplements, bars and baby nutrition snacks are available that will have your child eager to eat solid foods that are good for them.

      Count on Sears for all your baby feeding needs, from baby tableware to baby cups. Whether your feeding your infant with a baby spoon or giving your toddler their first baby cup, be sure you're getting them the best baby tableware from Sears today.


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