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You have a host of choices to reduce the physical stress involved with nursing. Innovative designs in stand-alone and wearable nursing pillows let you comfortably cradle your baby whether you breast or bottle feed. These special cushions are typically Y-shaped or U-shaped and often secure around the waist by means of a belt. This height allows the baby easier access to both breast and bottle without the need for the caregiver to take the brunt of the child's weight. Different pillow designs incorporate extras like utility pockets and other useful features.

Some nursing and infant support pillows are available in different shapes with just as many fun, decorative covers. Many are easily portable while others are large, shelf-like and a bit more complex. Special nursing ensembles even allow you to handle two children at once. In addition, there is now a great selection of stylish apron-like covers available that are perfect for giving you and your baby privacy during public feeding. Simply slip one on over your clothing and, if applicable, the nursing pillow. However, if you find it more convenient to store your own milk for later, or to simply use formula, you'll definitely want to get the appropriate bottle and feeding nipples.

Another consideration to make when selecting a nursing pillow is whether it's synthetic or organic. Issues like allergies and fears of bacteria are big deciding factors in choosing one composition over another. Both materials, however, are effective in getting the job done. Do some research to find which type is best for you and then visit Sears to pick out the one you want. While you're visiting us, think about the months to come when nursing is over and your child will move from lying alongside you at meals to sitting up in one of our fantastic high chairs or booster chairs.

Studies show that children given breast milk are significantly less likely to develop respiratory issues, stomach infections, allergies or various metabolic disorders. Moms can also benefit from the natural feeding process by experiencing lower rates of breast and cervical cancer as well as a diminished risk of osteoporosis. The support of a well-made feeding cushion will even reduce stress and soreness on the nipples. So before you consider all the colorful, critter covered feeding cups and tableware available for when they get a little older, invest first in a good pillow for nursing.

Parents and loved ones all want to make sure the babies they look after are comfortable and well cared for. From nursing pillows and feeding nipples to training tableware and high chairs, Sears is committed to providing you with a fantastic selection of quality accessories that will make their journey from infancy through childhood both easy and exciting.


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