Help your precious little one grow strong and healthy with the addition of baby cereal to his or her diet. Rich with vitamins and minerals, infant cereal enhances the nutrition of breast milk and formula, giving your baby essential elements for successful growth and development. Cereal is also the ideal way to slowly introduce your child to solid foods. As your baby graduates to solids, you'll be ready for this new chapter of meal time with baby cups and tableware, a complement to Sears' wide array of infant cereal from top-rated baby brands.

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Browse a wide selection of nutritional baby cereal at Sears

As your baby grows, nutritional needs evolve. Ensure your little one gets the fundamental nutrients he or she needs to thrive with baby cereal. Offering iron and key vitamins, cereal complements the nutrition of breast milk and formula for big picture nourishment. This essential nutrition promotes healthy growth of muscles and bones, as well as your baby's natural immune system. Baby cereal is also the perfect way to begin introducing your baby to solid food, allowing you to customize the consistency. Once your baby has experienced cereal, you can thicken the cereal consistency to ease further into the world of solid food.

From single grain to multigrain, and from rice to oatmeal, you'll find plenty of infant cereal and baby food options to suit your child's needs. Look for cereals containing B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin D, zinc, calcium and iron to help your infant thrive. Introducing these nutrition essentials into your baby's diet will work to support your baby as he or she grows. Cereal with calcium and vitamin D builds strong bones and teeth, while zinc and vitamin E support a healthy immune system. B vitamins focus on growth, while iron helps with brain development.

Many of Sears' infant cereal options offer no added salt or sugar and do not contain food starch or concentrates. You'll also encounter a selection of organic baby cereals with no artificial ingredients. This careful attention to your baby's health and nutrition takes the guesswork out of feeding.

Special attention has also been paid to packaging, simplifying your cereal for babies shopping. Look for twin packs that give you more of the cereal you seek. Clever package designs make meal time easy for Mom and Dad. Look for options in resealable canisters or squeezy pouches, smart designs meant to take the struggle out of serving your baby's cereal and other baby nutrition snacks. BPA-free packaging provides additional attention to your baby's health and safety.

When it's time to supplement your baby's liquid feeding with cereal, sit your little one in a comfy high chair, and serve up any of Sears' baby cereals. Whether you choose single grain or multigrain, oatmeal or rice, you'll be pleased with the wide selection of nutritious cereal available through Sears. Chock full of essential nutrition like iron for brain health, vitamin D for bone strength and other must-have vitamins and minerals, our cereals for babies will support your child's natural growth and development. With quality, trustworthy brands, you'll find the nutritional cereal you and your baby will love at Sears.



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