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      Find nutritious drinks and tasty juices for your kids when you shop at Sears

      Juice is a popular beverage among older kids and younger kids alike. At what point you decide to introduce juice into your child's diet and which juices you choose is a matter of personal preference and something you can discuss with your baby's pediatrician. Many parents research this topic extensively as opinions differ on what amounts and types of juices are best.

      At some point infants and toddlers begin to drink other beverages besides breast milk or baby formula. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that after six months of age, fruit and vegetable juices can be introduced into your baby's diet. Because of a baby's delicate immune system, it's generally thought that pasteurized juice is best. Pre-packaged juices have this covered and offer a safer alternative than home-pressed juices. Doctors and dentists tend to agree that if babies drink juice, it should be from baby cups. This is because if babies drink juice from a bottle, it tends to promote tooth decay because of the natural sugars that occur in fruits.

      There are very few children who would turn down a juice box if offered one. This is great news for parents, since finding foods that kids will readily eat and drink can be a challenge, and juices are a healthy alternative to sugar-laden drinks that may also contain unwanted caffeine. Juices contain vitamins and fiber and offer children a tasty alternative to sodas. As with other baby foods on the market, a myriad of choices are available when it comes to juices for your child. Some parents serve juice on its own, while others simply add it to a sippy cup filled with water for the flavor it provides. Many parents today choose organic juice or more exotic fruits like lychee or acai berry, while others stick with old-school choices that kids never seem to tire of like grape and apple.

      Chances are as your baby outgrows his or her baby bottles and into sippy cups, juice will still be one of their favorite beverages. For older kids, many parents choose a fortified juice drink or even packaged juice smoothies when their children are thirsty, although boxed 100% fruit juices are particularly convenient when on the go, and offer you the chance to easily measure the quantity of juice your child consumes over the course of a day. Juice boxes and fortified juice drinks are the beverages of choice when parents are asked to provide drinks for soccer games or parties, too. And juices in single-serving containers are great for traveling due to their convenience.

      Juices can be a positive addition to a child's diet, offering nutrients and supplying vital energy for active kids. Find plenty of nutritious and tasty juices and other foods and beverages at Sears.


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