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      With Sears items, start changing table pads today

      Changing table pads is not the simple purchase you might believe. A great deal of care and research goes into finding the right changing table pads for your baby. Let Sears take some of the guesswork out of picking the best pad for your furniture. Changing table pads can either be flat or contoured. Contoured pads are excellent for large surfaces as they keep your baby comfortable and cradled while your baby is getting changed. Flat pads are more common for changing tables that already have contoured sides or for use with larger children.

      It is a common misconception that most babies are unhappy when having their diapers changed. Babies usually display irritation with the discomfort of being on a cold, flat surface. Comfortable changing pads like the Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changing Pad make your baby feel safe. If your space is designed so that you must have a flat pad, you still have other options. Use baby pillows like the Boppy Newborn Lounger to elevate your child's head during changing. A sleep positioner works well during changing by keeping your baby swaddled. It also prevents your baby from rolling over during messy diaper changes.

      Velcro pads like those offered from Kole Imports can turn any flat surface into a changing table. Sears has a wide variety of nursery dressers that are specifically made with this idea in mind. These dressers are designed to go from a suitable changing table to a usable piece of furniture that will last for years. Look for a nursery dresser that has a flat top that is about waist high. Use the removable Velcro strips to secure the changing table pad to the top. When your baby has outgrown the changing table, you can simply remove the pad and use the surface for storage or display.

      The baby's nursery is often the smallest room in the house. You might find it difficult to fit a changing table and crib in one place along with dressers and toy boxes. You may opt for bassinets because they save on space and may help your baby to sleep more soundly. Some parents allow their bassinets to double as changing stations. If you choose to do this, protect your baby's sleeping area from any germs with disposable changing pads. You can also use the JI Childress Full Body Changing Pad to turn any area in the room into a quick place for changing your baby. The pad saves on space as it folds neatly when it is not in use.

      Loved ones appreciate a registry that gives them the option to purchase items that are fun or functional. The Sears baby registry lets you pick the changing table pads for your new baby. We recommend registering for two pads so that you always have a backup when the primary pad becomes soiled. Shop Sears to choose the best changing table pad today.


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