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      Find changing tables that are stylish and functional

      A well-functioning nursery requires a few standard pieces of equipment to ensure that each day run smoothly. Though many of the modern diaper changing gadgets and gizmos advertised to new parents can help with day-to-day tasks, nothing can compare with well-built changing tables. This furniture can be used throughout the day and night from the time your baby is brought home from the hospital through the time he or she is potty trained. With years of heavy use ahead of you, Sears wants to make sure that your baby's changing table is both functional and pleasing to your eyes. We have a selection of changing tables that range from simple shelving to long-lasting dressers. We even offer portable changing stations and corner pieces for those smaller rooms and hard-to-furnish locations.

      Traditional changing tables consist of two shelving units that are typically meant to store diapering supplies. The top shelf is equipped with a pad for your baby to lie upon during changes. These changing tables work well while your baby is young and can later be converted into bookshelves or toy storage. Parents often purchase supplemental changing table pads that are more comfortable for their babies than the flat pads that are sometimes included. You may also wish to use crib rail covers on the edge of these changing tables to keep the wood safe. This increases the lifespan of the furniture, which ensures that you have it for years to come.

      An increasingly popular choice in changing tables are those with long, flat surfaces that can later double as dressers. The Stork Craft Beatrice 3-Drawer Combo Tower is an ideal choice if you are looking for a piece of furniture that your child can use throughout his or her life. Simply purchase a changing table pad to turn the top of the dresser into a suitable changing table, adding removable Velcro strips to secure the pad in place. Some nurseries require a different approach because of space constraints. A portable changing table like the Dream On Me 2 in 1 Baby Bather and Changing Station Combo is for those who are short on room. Add baby storage containers for diapering supplies. Sears has storage containers in multiple sizes and in styles that can easily change from bathroom to nursery to playroom.

      A common concern with new parents is how to find the space for all the items they have. Once a nursery is filled with large pieces of furniture like bassinets, it sometimes seems as though there will be no room left for the baby. Sears makes it easier for you to include all of the items no matter what space restraints you might have. Round bassinets and Moses baskets are for smaller or shared rooms. The Diaper Corner Natural Changing Table is the perfect fit for an unused corner of the room. You may even choose to mount your changing table to a solid wall with the Koala Vertical Surface Mounted Changing Station.

      Your search for nursery furniture does not need to be a chore. Shop Sears today for changing tables that are high on quality and low on price. We have everything to welcome your baby into your new home.


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