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Visit the family with the right baby gear

When you travel with an infant, you simply cannot help but appreciate the wide variety of baby gear from Sears. Never again do you have to arrive at your destination and realize that you are lacking an area for the baby to sleep, play or stay out of harm's way! This infant gear makes it easy to transport the baby from your home to your destination. Once there, you can quickly and conveniently transform any room into a space that is safe for the infant and that even contains some favorite and stimulating toys. Help the infant fall asleep even in new surroundings in record time. Examples of this type of gear include car seats, play yards and swings.

Walkers let your active baby stretch the legs and keep the fingers busy while still being somewhat contained in one room. Notice the toys that the manufacturer attaches to the walker trays. These are stimulating toys that feature bold colors and interesting noises, which contribute to your baby's entertainment and early learning experiences. Keep your baby close to you with a sling or carrier as you water the yard or go to meet family members. Transfer the baby into a comfortable stroller, where a tray can hold toys and even some early finger foods. The best types of strollers for infants are those that come as part of a travel system. These systems consist of the bases and matching rear facing car seats. There is no need to unbuckle the infant when you arrive at your target destination. Simply unlatch the seat from the base you keep in the car and then transfer it onto the base you have in your stroller. If you finally managed to get the baby to sleep, you are sure to appreciate this advanced technology.

When the baby does wake up, allow the infant to enjoy the wealth of activities that baby walkers from Sears offer. More than just tools to help strengthen developing leg muscles, these examples of functional baby gear also feature small rollers that allow the infant to get the sensation of moving forward. Watch as the child experiences the concepts of movement forward and backward. Sesame Street, Safety 1st and Dream On Me make walkers that come with built-in trays. Some feature indentations where you may place a toddler cup.

End your day with a quick clean up. Several baby-friendly cleaning products wipe up spills, sanitize bottles and get toys ready for another day of teething, throwing and playing. Arm and Hammer manufactures pacifier wipes that also work well on the walker trays and their many toys. Baby Ganics makes an all-purpose cleaner that works on all surfaces for thorough dirt removal.

Sears sells a large assortment of baby gear, car seats, baby walkers and baby-friendly cleaning products. Check your inventory of gear that you already have. Buy whatever you are missing, and visit friends or family members with your baby. You know that they are looking forward to your stopover.

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