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      Encourage safe development with baby bouncers

      Babies enjoy movement, and they really like bouncing and rocking. At Sears, we have many baby bouncers that will keep babies happy for hours. They can recline and experience gentle rocking or bouncing with every move they make, safely tucked away from potential dangers. Parents can use some models as carriers also, which is an added benefit.

      Bouncers and jumpers are some of the first play items your child will enjoy. Another helpful product to have at home is a play yard. We stock many types of baby play yards by top baby furniture makers like Disney, Evenflo, Eddie Bauer and Graco. These are similar to a combination bassinet/playpen. Many play yards that are bassinet-style have a removable top unit that allows you to use the entire interior of the play yard as a playpen. Babies can see all around and get plenty of fresh air through the mesh sides. Other styles of play yards are more like a larger playpen and do not have the bassinet option. Some, like the Baby Trend Play Yard, have a removable changing table that rests across the top for easy diaper changes, dressing and cleanups. Our portable play yards fold up for easy travelling.

      Baby walkers and jumpers are nice to use indoors, but our baby swings are also fun for babies to use outside. They can get a bit of fresh air and enjoy watching you on the porch or in the yard while they are swinging gently to and fro. Battery-operated baby swings are very nice to have, because they leave parents free to do other chores while tending babies. Portability is one of the best things about our baby swings; they are simple to fold away and pack for travel anywhere. Graco has a unique baby swing that is battery-powered, so it can move the infant seat around in a soothing, swinging, circular motion. Our baby swings make an excellent choice for a baby shower gift, and they are all priced low at Sears.

      Use baby bouncers for the youngest babies, and when they are older, come to Sears to find baby walkers. Our selection of baby products includes toys, games, safety products and accessories like baby walkers that help teach babies important skills. Before they can walk, babies love to be put into the seats of their baby walkers to jump and tip-toe around the room. Most baby walkers have wheels or casters for easy movement whenever babies jump or try to walk. Besides helping them learn to walk unassisted, baby walkers provide a safe environment where they can exercise leg muscles and practice walking. Babies are delighted when they make progress towards walking alone. Some will hold on to the walkers from the outside when they are older, pushing them while they walk.

      At Sears, find everything for young babies, starting with baby bouncers, jumpers and swings. We have sturdy and safe accessories like baby walkers to help your youngster develop and grow safely. Come to Sears and make your selections as soon as you discover that you are expecting a little one. We have hundreds of affordable baby items for you. You can have your items delivered, or you can pick up orders at the store.


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