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      Find comfortable baby slings to cradle your baby

      You love holding your baby, but sometimes it is just not convenient to carry your child around all day. Baby slings and wraps keep little ones close while giving you some freedom. You can still be close to your baby, but your hands are now free to get things done. Sears carries a wide selection of slings, wraps and carriers for parents and caregivers.

      Slings are wonderful solutions for parents who believe in keeping babies close as often as possible. You do not have to be an attachment devotee to appreciate the versatility of these unique carriers. Slings from makers like Maya Wrap and Karma Baby feature easy adjustments, either with or without rings. Dads are not left out in the baby-carrying department; our slings come in all colors from pink to chocolate brown. Slings give you the ability to perform chores or carry other items while still keeping your little ones close. When you are ready to hit the road, our selection of travel car seats makes it simple to secure your baby for long or short trips.

      Babies love the warmth and security of being held in their parents' arms. Wraps sometimes take some getting used to, but once you are familiar with securing wraps around your body, they may be the only way you want to carry your baby. Moby Wrap and Boba offer a range of stylish colors for Mom or Dad. With a range of color options, you can have wraps that complement diaper bags or blankets. Natural materials maximize breathability so that you and your baby remain comfortable all day long. One of the best aspects of slings and wraps is how they grow with your child, so you can easily use them from infancy to toddlerhood. From wraps to baby car seats, we have items to keep kids safe and secure.

      Carriers offer a sturdiness that you will not find in the flexible sling, so they are good options for parents who want a feeling of more security, especially once their babies are a little older. Choose carriers that you carry in front, back or both. Boba designs carriers that work for long treks through nature as well as shorter grocery store visits. Take your baby or toddler everywhere in an Ergo Baby carrier in fashionable colors that suit boys or girls. Snugli and Baby Bjorn are other popular names in the carrier market. Right here at Sears, find all these items as well as other kid items like baby strollers.

      Sears knows how much you cherish each precious moment with your baby. Enjoy these early days filled with extra closeness while still maintaining some flexibility and freedom of movement with our variety of slings and carriers. Now you can get things done while holding your baby right next to you every step of the way.


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