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Explore the great outdoors with baby play yards

Baby play yards are convenient means of taking your infant outside for a bit of supervised fresh air time. When you are not quite ready to let the baby get a fistful of grass or dirt, the play yard mesh stands between the infant and raw nature. There are a number of variations that work wonderfully for babies or any age. Some play yards actually help your child to make the transition from baby to toddler. One of the first play yards to buy is the Eddie Bayer all-in-one model, which features a bassinet, changing table and play area in one setup. Two wheels make it easy to move the item from one spot to the next.

For the baby who is already in a crib and no longer needs the bassinet option, the Mia Moda Playgio play yard from Sears is a good option. Measuring 28 inches in height, it offers a play surface of 44 inches by 31 inches. A washable fabric exterior allows you a clear line of sight to always keep an eye on your baby. Best Choice Products features an eight-panel play yard that lets you lock the panels in place. Built-in ball spinners and play phones add interest. Measuring 23 inches in height and presenting a 73-inch diameter, this indoor and outdoor play area does not come with a bottom. Use your own blanket or comforter. When it is time to run some errands, rely on baby carriers to keep your hands free and your infant close to your body. These carriers attach like a front-facing backpack. Ergo Baby, Baby Bjorn and Snugli are some of the manufacturers that bring you their creations. Some highlight vented sides that make it more comfortable for you and your baby on hot summer days. Other carriers come with detachable LED safety reflectors that make it a lot easier for oncoming motorists to see you and the baby.

Keep your child safe inside your home with easy-to-install baby gates. Sears carries products by Dream Baby, KidCo and Summer Infant. KiddyGuard makes the Avant Gate, which consists of polyester black mesh. Extend it across the door opening and keep your baby out of a room on a temporary basis. It stretches up to 54 inches and features a height of 32 inches. When not in use, this mesh rolls up and stores inside a housing that you mount to your doorjamb. Conventional baby gates come with extensions to close off openings measuring up to 53 inches. They attach with pressure points on walls or doorjambs.

Know what your infant is doing at all times by installing baby monitors in the child's room and the play area. Choose models that feature clip-on receivers so that you can keep an eye on your child even as you do housework. Lorex makes a system that captures video and audio. It then transmits the signal via Skype to your receiver. Summer Infant makes a color video monitor that tracks the child's movements and lets you peek at your baby during nap time or after bedtime without disturbing the child or turning on a light.

Sears offers a large selection of baby play yards, baby carriers, baby gates and baby monitors. Invest in an assortment of baby safety items today to ensure your infant's safety and security tomorrow.

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