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Get out and be active with strollers

Why stay indoors when the weather is beautiful? You and your baby deserve to enjoy the sunshine, the balmy temperatures and the fresh air along with everyone else! Strollers from Sears allow you and your infant to get mobile and leave home in comfort as well as style. Whether you choose creations from Eddie Bauer, Disney or Safety 1st, you know that your child is secure and ready to explore the world.

Jogging strollers let you get some exercise while the baby enjoys the sights and sounds of nature. Schwinn manufactures a double stroller that holds two infants safely. Jeep makes a one-seater that ensures a soft ride on 16-inch tires. Umbrella strollers are handy for the quick outing that you never thought to plan for. They fit into the trunk or in the backseat. Drive to a pretty picnic spot and take a spur of the moment walk around a lake or along a path. Travel systems are so convenient because they let you move your infant with the car seat from a base in the car to the base of your stroller. One click ensures that the baby is ready to travel.

Back from your adventure, give your infant a chance to rest in one of the comfy baby bouncers from Sears. Fisher Price makes a bouncer that is ideal for infants up to 25 pounds. It gently vibrates and plays eight songs as well as nature sounds. Graco specializes in the manufacture of a bouncer that is particularly soothing for infants in swaddle blankets. Giving the baby this extra sense of security, the baby is sure to settle right down with a bit of soft music that comes from a battery-powered, built-in player.

Before your next outing, stock up on baby travel accessories that are bound to come in handy. Infantino makes a shopping cart cover that eliminates the need to sterilize the cart handle and seat. It works with the straps of the cart and features additional straps to secure a sippy cup and other easy-to-lose items. Car seat strap covers from Eddie Bauer are not only adorable, but they also provide extra comfort for the traveling baby who relies on the straps of a car seat to stay safe.

Save money with baby gear bundles. You need all of these pieces anyway, so why not get them together and ensure that you get the same color and design as well as some nice savings in the process? Disney offers a bundle that consists of a travel system, walker, swing and a play yard as well as a high chair. All items follow the Pooh garden design. Giselle offers a bundle that comes with a stroller, car seat, high chair and baby monitor.

Sears offers a sizable assortment of strollers, baby bouncers, baby travel accessories and baby gear bundles. Get active and take out your baby for trips around the neighborhood and into nature.

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