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      Simple happy memories begin with baby swings

      Mom, Dad and the baby can all create simple happy memories right away with baby swings from Sears. Gentle swinging makes babies happy. Our collection of baby swings features many that are lightweight and portable, so you can take them with you anywhere. We have dozens of safe baby products like swings and play yards that you can use to keep your little one happy for hours.

      Baby swings by Graco have plush seats with removable cloth pads for easy cleaning. Reclining seats are comfortable and baby can enjoy swinging at different speeds, including very slow for sleep time. Our Bright Starts baby swings will adjust speeds according to the weight of your baby. Battery-operated models use a timer to keep babies swinging. Another popular baby item is a stroller. We have strollers that fit all children, from babies to larger toddlers through age 3. Jogging strollers are ideal for parents who want to keep fit while caring for their children. Standard strollers are designed for outdoor weather and have sun shades to keep babies out of the direct sunshine. Most also have extra space or compartments for bottles, toys and other accessories. Trays can be used for toys or snacks on the go. With travel systems, you get a detachable carrier and stroller combination, so there is no need to wake up a sleeping babies; just carry them inside in their stroller carrier seats.

      Sears stocks many baby safety devices in addition to baby swings and strollers. Our baby gates are a way to prevent crawlers, toddlers and young walkers from getting into areas they should stay out of at home or away. Strong baby gates can be set up as needed, and they travel well. Use them in doorways or across other room entrances. Circular sets can be erected to create a small safe play area for little children. Gates vary in height, are made from sturdy plastic, metal or wood, and they have childproof locking systems. Baby gates are also good for pet containment.

      Childproofing your home should begin before the baby even arrives. You will have many places that should have childproofing, such as drawers, cabinet doors, electrical outlets and the toilet seat cover. We have dozens of childproofing products to help you keep kids safe in any room. Children like to put things into holes, including plug outlets. Use locking or childproof outlet covers to stop this activity. Toddlers are curious and are known to peek into the toilet and accidentally fall in, which could result in tragedy. This also is preventable with special locking devices from Sears. Keep your child safe by installing drawer and cabinet locks that only adults can operate. We have many drawer and cabinet locks here at Sears.

      From the beginning, Sears wants you to have all the important safety and comfort products to protect and keep your baby happy. Our baby swings are just the beginning. Come in to Sears to see all the affordable baby play and childproofing products we have in store for you. Pick up your favorites now or have us deliver orders to you.


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