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      Baby travel accessories from Sears make traveling easier

      As any parent knows, traveling with a baby requires taking along a lot of stuff. Babies require everything from bottles to diaper wipes. Travel accessories from Sears make it easier to get where you're going no matter how you travel. With all the supplies safely stashed, you will be well-prepared.

      Without a car seat for your infant, you cannot drive home from the hospital. This is one of the most important travel accessories. In addition to car seats, Sears carries a wide variety of traveling gear to make your trips safer and easier. Mall visits and long walks are more comfortable for babies when they are in strollers from popular brands like Itzy Ritzy, Safety 1st or Eddie Bauer. Choose a single seater for one, or if you're lucky enough to have twins, side-by-side strollers allow your babies to ride in style. Travel systems combine car seats and strollers in one, so parents can move sleeping infants from the car to the stroller without disturbing their slumber.

      Once your little one is sitting up on his own, make grocery store trips healthier with shopping cart covers that keep his hands off cart handles. Colorful covers protect him from germs while cup holders and snack pockets hold drinks and food to keep him occupied while you shop. Harness buddies from Eddie Bauer come in fun animal figures like puppies and monkeys; these safety devices prevent kids from wandering off when you are in busy amusement parks or other crowded spaces. With an attached backpack, you can store toys and books to keep your child entertained. Sears has a variety of travel car seats with unique features that make reaching your destination safe for everyone.

      Neck pillows in the shape of a pig or dolphin hold babies' heads up if they fall asleep during rides, making their naptimes more comfortable. Other travel accessories parents will love include sun screens that shield a baby's face from the sun and stroller hooks that hold plenty of shopping bags, leaving your hands free for other tasks. Daypacks and diaper bags are essential for toting things, and rolling luggage bags in small sizes are useful for the youngest airline passengers. From baby car seats to booster seats for bigger kids, all the supplies for a busy family to travel in style are available.

      Sears knows families, which is why we offer travel accessories designed to make your trips as easy and safe as possible. From gender-neutral items to wildly patterned pieces that are all-girl or all-boy, there are plenty of items to choose from. Whether it is a trip to the grandparents' home or an exotic locale, shop Sears for items to keep your little ones safe and happy.


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