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      Enjoy bathtime with baby bathing safety

      Baby bathing safety products from Sears ensure that you and your infant enjoy the nightly process of washing off the day's grime. Standing water is a safety hazard to your baby, but a selection of age-appropriate products makes it a fun experience. Start out with a Fisher Price bathtub. Suitable for newborns and babies up to five months of age, these tubs come with a contoured backing that holds them in place. Position this plastic tub in your kitchen sink or in your bathtub when you are ready for the nightly bath.

      As the baby becomes able to sit up without assistance, transition to the Dream Baby bath seat. Excellent for infants between the ages of five months and 10 months, the seat attaches to the tub with suction cups that keep it in place. Fill the tub with a bit of water and enjoy your baby's splashing. Munchkin makes an inflatable duck safety tub that fits inside your standard bathtub and is a good choice for kids up to 24 months of age. The inflatable tub features textured non-slip surfaces and water temperature discs that let you know when the water is too hot for comfort.

      Once you conclude the nightly bath, settle in for a treatment with baby grooming supplies. Clip your child's delicate nails with Safety 1st's complete baby nail care kit. The cutting surfaces feature a slight curve to make the clipping easier and safer for the small nails. KidGear manufactures a comb that is perfect for coarse or fine hair. Since the handle is big enough to provide an easy grip to your baby, let the little one enjoy some self-grooming time as well.

      When you get ready to put your infant down for a nap, or for the night, rely on baby monitors to help you keep watch. Angelcare manufactures a pad that you put underneath the baby's mattress. It registers movements such as heartbeats and breaths. The pad transmits this information to a receiver, which shows it as visual blips or auditory ticks. Summer Infant makes a color video monitor that lets you see your child during sleep. The screen switches to black and white night vision when it gets dark inside the baby's room.

      Other baby safety products that you should keep on hand include baby gates and bed rails. Keeping your baby in, or dangers out, is a crucial aspect of childproofing your home. Whether you want to block access to the kitchen or keep something between your infant and the family dog, these gates come in a variety of sizes and materials that fit into any home. As your infant transitions out of the crib into a bed, the rail prevents accidental falls in the middle of the night.

      Sears carries a sizable inventory of baby bathing safety items, baby grooming supplies, baby monitors and baby safety products. Protect your infant with a variety of products that you can use easily and conveniently. Best of all, installation of these products is usually so simple that it only takes a few minutes of your time.


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