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      Replace harsh cleaners with baby-friendly cleaning products

      Baby-friendly cleaning products do not irritate your child's skin like so many other products. At the same time, they pack a powerful punch and rid your home's surfaces of bacteria, germs and all the nasty dirt and grime that tend to build up over time. Since many of these products do not use dyes or perfumes, you also protect your child from the potential of suffering allergic reactions. If you or another close family member tends to suffer from allergies, it is a good idea to stock up on these cleaners rather than the standard fare.

      Examples include Munchkin's pacifier wipes that feature food grade ingredients. These wipes are perfect for cleaning teething toys and other surfaces that your baby might suck or chew on. Keep a supply in your diaper bag to clean off toys and teething rings on the go. Baby Ganics makes an all-purpose cleaner that is excellent for the changing table or the high chair. The manufacturer notes that this cleaner also does a good job on sealed wood floors and of course the kitchen's marble counter tops. In other words, there is virtually no surface that you cannot clean with this solution.

      Since you are already protecting your child from the harm that bleaches and harsh cleaners can cause, remember also to keep the little one safe in the home. Baby gates from Sears protect your child from entering rooms that are not suitable at the moment for an infant's presence. Use a retractable KiddyGuard Avant Gate to keep the baby out of the kitchen during meal prep times or rely on the KidCo angle mount gate to close off a staircase. The panels of a Summer Infant gate pack connect to provide you with more than 18 sq. ft. of play yard space in your living room or outside in the backyard.

      When it is time to settle down for the nightly bath, look to baby grooming supplies to get your little one clean and neat. The Red Cross baby grooming kit contains nail clippers, safety scissors and a comb to untangle your baby's hair. The KidGear kid comb is excellent for small hands and lets your baby take an interest in personal grooming from an early age. Safety 1st makes a complete nail care set that features rotating handles and curved cutting surfaces to protect your baby's delicate nails.

      Other essential baby gear items include swings, bouncers and play yards. They keep your infant safe when you cannot be there to play. Plenty of the manufacturers include removable trays with their equipment. Place toys or first finger foods onto these trays. The baby loves playing with them and exploring the way fingers can grip and pinch.

      Sears has a large inventory of baby-friendly cleaning products, baby gates, baby grooming supplies and assorted baby gear items. Outfit your nursery and home today. Have everything on hand that you need for a fun and safe day.


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