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      Protect your young child with baby gates

      Baby gates are handy when you want to put some space between your young child and a potentially dangerous situation. Whether you are handling piping-hot pots and pans in the kitchen, mowing the lawn in the backyard or giving the dog a clipping in the bathroom, these gates keep small hands out of harm's way. Since you usually cannot wait with all these activities until it is time for a nap, you still may want to keep an eye on your baby or toddler. With the variety of baby gates from Sears, you are sure to find a product that fits your exact need. For example, the KiddyGuard Avant Gate features black polyester mesh that retracts to its housing when not in use. It temporarily closes off openings as wide as 54 inches and reaches a height of 32 inches. Dream Baby specializes in the manufacture of white steel gates that rely on pressure mounts to keep them in place. Close an opening measuring between 38 inches and 42 inches or rely on a set of extensions to reach 53 inches.

      Summer Infant makes interlocking gate panels. Connect them to one another to create a play space measuring more than 18 square feet. The panels are great for use outside since you can simply hose them down with water for a good cleanup. Opt for baby play yards when you want to confine the infant to a safe space inside the home. Evenflo, Eddie Bauer and Safety 1st manufacture play yards that feature soft mesh sides. Some come with detachable infant supply holders and mobiles. As the child grows and learns to pull up on the sturdy tops, it is a good idea to remove anything the baby could pull into the play yard for a closer inspection. This is particularly true for items that could pose choking hazards.

      While you are at it, go through your home and look for areas that could prove to be hazardous for your baby. Childproofing products from Sears include door positioners that prevent your baby from further opening any door, foam corner cushions that make the coffee table safer and washer or dryer locking straps that keep the appliance safely closed and off limits to your inquisitive infant. Other products include the Dream Baby's magnetic locking systems that keep kitchen cabinets closed. You can never go wrong with a 100-pack of outlet caps.

      Always know what your infant is up to with baby monitors. Color video monitors let you keep an eye on your sleeping baby. An under-mattress sensor pad and monitor combo keeps track of your infant's slightest movements. The setup translates these signals into visual light signals or auditory clicks. Opt for monitor systems that feature clip-on receivers so that you can keep watch no matter where in the house you are.

      Sears carries a wide variety of baby gates, baby play yards, childproofing products and baby monitors. Buy a mix of safety products to keep your child safe whether you are at home or at friends' homes.


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