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      Baby grooming supplies keep babies clean and healthy

      You want the best for your baby's health, which is why baby grooming supplies do more than just keep babies beautiful. These useful accessories are essential for keeping your little one feeling good. From protecting their skin from the sun and elements to grooming their hair into the most adorable hairdo, Sears helps keep babies happy and healthy. All parents will enjoy the availability and affordability in our selection of grooming supplies made just for kids.

      Babies should have their tiny fingernails clipped to prevent them from scratching themselves and you. Baby grooming kits contain all the supplies to safely clip your baby's nails without hurting small fingers. Learning Curve offers American Red Cross travel kits you can pack in a diaper bag or car; now you have a comb, brush and more to take with you. Other grooming aids that keep little ones clean from head to toe include shampoos and soaps designed especially for their sensitive scalps and skin. If you are concerned about toxins in your household products, baby friendly cleaning products keep your home clean enough for babies without harsh fumes or chemicals.

      Humidifiers help keep the air in a nursery moist, which is important when your baby is suffering from a stuffy nose that interferes with her rest. Brands like Kenmore and Safety 1st have humidifiers that provide continuous moisture in an almost completely silent way, so babies' sleep is not disturbed. Keep your humidifier in great working condition with our replacement filters and belts. When babies are not feeling so good, nasal aspirators and thermometers made just for little ones allow you to monitor their health in a safe way. Along with childproofing products, Sears offers a variety of ways to protect your baby from infancy on up.

      Protect your baby's delicate skin from the sun with sunscreens made just for babies. Baby Blanket and Coola Baby design high-SPF sunscreen that you can feel good applying to your infant whether you are headed to the beach or a weekend picnic. Diaper rash ointments help heal a common problem for babies, so shop well-known brands like Md Moms or Weleda to give your baby quick relief from an irritating rash. After bathtime, apply a soothing and moisturizing lotion or oil from baby-friendly brands like Baby Cakes or Desert Essence. With so many baby health products from Sears, it is easy to keep your baby healthy and happy.

      Sears understands how much you value your baby's health. From practical supplies to use on babies' skin to tools that make dispensing medicine easier, we carry a wide range of products designed to help you care for your little one. Whether a baby is feeling great or is under the weather, shop Sears for baby care grooming supplies and accessories that keep your baby looking and feeling good from head to little toes.


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