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Try stylish, versatile bodysuits for babies

It's important for babies to stay warm and comfortable in all kinds of weather. Dressing your little one in layers is the best way to ensure that he or she doesn't catch a chill. Bodysuits for babies, like those you'll find at Sears, make the perfect bottom layer. They can also be worn alone in warm weather.

Baby bodysuits come in many styles. The most basic, like those in collections available from Gerber, feature solid colors or simple patterns and a short-sleeve style that covers baby from neck to bottom. With snaps at the shoulders and seat, these suits make it easy to dress baby and also take the hassle out of diaper changes. Long-sleeved bodysuits and baby sleepwear are meant to be worn when your child needs some extra warmth. Sleepers often include covering for legs and feet as well, keeping baby snuggly as he or she rests. Bodysuits with long legs can double as base layers in chilly weather.

When you want the youngest members of your family to stay cool instead, try rompers from Carter's or OshKosh. This type of bodysuit features little sleeves and short legs so it can be worn on its own. You'll find many adorable styles at Sears including those with sports themes, eye-catching animal designs and witty sayings. Creepers have sleeves, but no legs, and can be paired up with matching baby bottoms for a full outfit. Remember, if you're shopping for warm weather clothing to look for lightweight materials such as cotton. Not only will this keep your baby comfortable but it will also be easier to clean. Since your baby will likely be wearing a bodysuit most of the time, you'll want something that can be tossed in the washing machine whenever necessary.

Just because a bodysuit is a basic item doesn't mean that you can't find some with style and personality. Dressing your baby up in full-body apparel from Attitude Rompers shows off your sense of humor. Disney and other brands also offer baby character apparel featuring kid-friendly motifs from TV shows, movies and more. Choosing these colorful bodysuits for your baby creates a sense of individuality by adding variety to his or her wardrobe. Rompers that declare a child is "too cute for words" and sundresses featuring a smiling cartoon characters can make your baby the center of attention. Happy babies are charming babies, and others will love seeing your child smile in his or her colorful outfits.

From basic one-piece bottom layers to themed creepers, bodysuits for babies are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can buy. Keep a collection on hand for bottom layers in chilly weather and be sure to have a few fun styles for the warmer months. Head to Sears if you're stuck on where to start, and you'll find a huge variety to choose from.

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