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      Dress your child in cozy baby sleepwear

      If you're a new parent, you know that one of the biggest triumphs is getting your baby to sleep through the night. Seeing your baby drop off to sleep after all the cuddling and lullabies is one of parenthood's greatest pleasures. Your baby will sleep restfully in comfortable, well-made and proper-fitting sleepwear. Toddlers have their own bedtime challenges. Keeping them comfortable at night can be easier than getting them into bed in the first place. A favorite set of colorful, snuggly pajamas can encourage them to get dressed and ready for lights out. Here at Sears, you can find toddler and baby sleepwear for all styles and seasons.

      Carter's is a big name in infant and toddler sleepwear, and for good reason. Quality and comfort are their top priorities, but their baby sleepwear is also adorable. Browse through their one-piece pajamas in colorful stripes or animal designs. Carter's and other brands also offer sweet four-piece pajama sets, with two tops, a pair of full-length pants and a pair of shorts. These pieces all mix and match and are a perfect solution to the "my favorite jammies are in the wash!" problem. You can find a full range of wonderful baby bottoms, tops, dresses and other items from Carter's' and other classic brands.

      Your little ones will love Disney's character sleepwear and other baby character apparel. What toddler doesn't go crazy for Mickey Mouse or the characters from Cars? Little princesses will love the Disney princess and fairy nightgowns, complete with ruffles. We also have Hello Kitty pajamas and other character brands little girls love. Little boys who adore superheroes will be excited to put on their Marvel character pajamas and go to up their room to fight evil!

      We carry other terrific brands like Little Wonders and Joe Boxer, whose attractive, child-friendly sleepwear designs are favorites of kids and adults alike. Pajamas from Little Wonders or the matched sleepwear sets from Joe Boxer make great gifts for small children as well as for expectant parents. Babies can go through several sets of pajamas a day, so there's no such thing to a new parent as "too many pajamas." Doing the laundry less often means more time to spend with the baby. A thoughtful and practical gift of excellent-quality sleepwear from Sears is always appreciated.

      As adults, we sometimes neglect the sleepwear part of our wardrobe, but babies and toddlers spend up to half their day snoozing. It makes sense to pay as much attention to their nightwear as to the rest of their clothing. You can rely on Sears to carry only the most comfortable, safest baby sleepwear available.


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