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Entertain your baby in the stroller and car seat with clip-on toys

Transporting your children, whether you're going on vacation or to Grandma's house is not an easy feat. As a parent, you don't only worry about the safety of your children; you also worry about entertaining them and making the ride as comfortable as possible. Soothing your baby is not only important in the car, it's also important in the crib so that they can easily fall asleep. Sears has mobiles for cribs, clip-on toys for strollers and toys with handles like rattles for car seats, so that wherever you are, your child feels pacified and relaxed.

Baby stuffed toys are a great option for crib toys once your child is a little bit older, but in the meantime, parents can attach mobiles to cribs. Mobiles will entertain your child and then eventually soothe them to sleep. Some mobiles come with relaxing lights and sounds with themes like the ocean. These are set for twenty minute intervals and as time progresses dull the music and lights, so that babies are lulled to sleep peacefully. Mobiles come in a variety of themes, some zoo animals and others come with popular characters, but all are in appealing colors that babies love to see go round and round until they fall asleep.

Clip-on mobiles are ideal for cribs, but are too big to take on the road. For strollers, baby clip-on toys are the perfect solution. With toys that don't clip on, parents have to worry about kids throwing their toys on the ground while they're in public. This increases the chance of kids losing their favorite toys and the amount of germs that the toys pick up after being tossed over the side of their strollers. Just like bath toys are meant to withstand water, clip-on toys are meant to stay put. Sears has a huge selection of toys to choose from that feature clips to please adults and appealing characters to amuse kids. Make everyone happy with clip-on toys that stay where you want them to.

While clip-on toys are great for car seats, once kids get a little bit older and can hold on to their own toys, get them rattles and toys with hooks they can grab on to. Infants can shake rattles to the music playing in the car, just like an adult would with a tambourine. Once you get to grandma's house, let your child play with a doll house or other toy that helps grow their imagination. Sears has all the toys you need to entertain your child, no matter where you go.

Find everything you need to entertain your baby while you travel, whether it's in a vehicle or a stroller. Sears has all the clip-on toys, mobiles and rattles you need to soothe babies everywhere you go.


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