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      Excite the imagination of your child with stuffed baby toys

      Huggable plush companions offer kids of all ages a sense of comfort while they sleep and help children develop a sense of imagination while they play. The stuffed baby toys available at Sears are perfect choices for your little one. Choose from bright colors that catch babies' attention while fun shapes give tiny hands something to hold on to. With dozens of toys to choose from, you'll have no problem finding something that your child will love.

      Children grow up loving their stuffed animals, so why not give them other stuffed toys like books or stackable rings? These toys are large enough for babies to grab onto and simple enough for kids to learn with. While your babies may not be reading yet, soft books allow you to read to them at bed time then tuck them in with their books. Eventually they'll start to pick up on certain letters and their memory will help them know the story by heart. Sears has a variety of toys that encourage learning as well as fun.

      Toys are also an important part of your baby's development. Rabbits, mice and other adorable animals feature a variety of tantalizing amusements for your baby, including safe, colorful rings to make teething more comfortable. If your child is a little bit older then consider interactive plush toys that your children can take to bed with them during nap time. If they can't sleep they can play with their talking toys when they're in bed and then fall asleep with them just like they're stuffed animals. Including a combination of basic and interactive toys in your child's playtime or naptime inspires creativity and promotes brain development.

      The versatility of stuffed toys makes them perfect gifts for others who are expecting a new addition to the family. A great toy to include in baby gift sets is a baby blanket with stuffed animals attached. This way the baby can hug the toy and use the blanket. Naptime toys help children fall asleep quickly and comfortably. Parents love multi-purpose toys like this, especially when they aid the baby in sleeping. Sears has a ton of gender-neutral gifts that you can give to friends, family or co-workers so that you please both the parent and child.

      Stuffed baby toys and dolls are great for your child's first years. As your baby grows, he or she will come to treasure their first plush friends. Browse the collection at Sears for toys, dolls and more to entertain your kids and spark their imaginations.


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