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      Learn and play with educational toys from Sears

      You want your children to learn, but also want them to have fun playing. Sears has educational toys that help you do both. Educational toys work for all ages, but it is always best when you start your children's development early. Find toys that encourage shape and pattern awareness. Toys that are colorful with many different textures offer excellent opportunities for even the youngest children to begin to learn.

      Toys that help babies learn shapes are an ideal precursor to learning letters and numbers. When kids start to recognize shapes and connect shapes to household items that allows them the cognitive strength to start learning letters. Sears has many toys that help with letter and number recognition. Letter blocks are great choices because they let kids learn and develop motor skills. Choose building block sets to continue manual stimulation as children grow. We stock building block sets for children as young as 2, though many can be enjoyed through adulthood.

      A child's developing brain needs variety to stay sharp and grow well. Choose from a wide array of learning toys at Sears. Bead maze toys are great to get children counting. They can start to naturally connect the idea of a single bead to a number. Sears has a selection of toys that encourage counting like mazes or toy cell phones. This way they can learn the real life use of numbers and mimic mom and dad. Math and counting toys give children the confidence they need to undertake what is often a difficult subject.

      When you purchase educational toys for babies, you give them a greater interest in education as they grow. Purchase teething toys for babies that are growing into toddlers. These toys clip-on to strollers, car seats or play sets so that babies can grasp, pull and hold onto them. They may not look like learning toys to adults, but they stimulate important parts of the brain for babies. Continue to buy learning materials for kids all the way into adulthood. Sears has learning toys for children from infants to toys for ages 6-8 and every age in between and after.

      At Sears, we know that learning starts at birth, which is why we encourage all parents to fill their home with educational toys. Learning doesn't stop as children grow; parents must adapt their surroundings to continue to stimulate young, changing minds. Find all the educational toys to bring out the best in your child.


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