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      Give your babies hours of fun with baby activity toys from Sears

      Giving the gift of a baby activity toy helps the baby build a strong educational foundation for the rest of their life. They get children moving, building and connecting ideas with movement though play. Toys that encourage babies to move their bodies give them an appreciation for physical activity from an early age. They also teach the youngest of children to sit, crawl and stand.

      Activity mats allow children to sit or lie down on something other than the floor. Whether you have hardwood floors are concerned about your child picking up dirt while they play, these mats are comfy and feature bright colors and appealing designs for kids. Place them on the ground in front of the TV for extra movie seating or move them around the house while you perform household tasks so that your kids are always playing in plain sight. Once they get older, they can keep their toys like the My First Kenmore set on them so that their feet don't ache after playing for hours in their pretend kitchen. Whatever you use it for, activity mats are great for children of all ages to play on.

      When picking out gifts for babies, keep their interests in mind. Babies love to grab and play with flashy moving objects but can't run after them quite yet. So they need stationary objects that move. Play mats are perfect for babies because they mix activity mats with the fun of mobiles. Lie babies down on their backs or sit them up and they'll love the toys hanging in front of them. They can swat, pull and tug these hanging toys. Sears has a ton of great gifts to choose from for the new mommy in your life.

      Once they learn how to sit up, the next developmental step for their mobility is for them to start crawling and walking. Give them toys that encourage them to follow. Sears has toys that are designed to get kids crawling and walking. With mechanical dogs, children are enticed by their sounds and movement and want to follow. Once they're comfortably crawling, toys like pretend lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners help them to walk by supporting their tiny bodies as they push the toy along the ground. They'll love the toys so much they'll want other toys like My First Craftsman to mimic their mommy and daddy.

      Baby activity toys are the best options for gift-giving. They occupy baby while parents do household activities nearby. Sears carries all the top brands in baby activity toys so that you have a wide variety to choose from. Your baby will be happy and healthy when he or she has fun toys that also aid in development.


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