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Baby Toys

Bring a smile to their face with our baby toys

Keep your little one happy and active with fun, educational and safe toys from Sears. We have a massive stock of baby toys in all types and brands, from ride-on trucks to dolls and stroller toys. You can find items to fit any budget, including many discounted offers. Among our bestsellers are ride-on jeeps and simple rattles that will keep your bundle of joy occupied in their crib or car seat.

You can now use educational toys to start teaching babies of any age. Many parents use foreign language kits to familiarize their children with bilingualism right from the start. You can also begin teaching your baby to read when they are only a few months old! Our early learning toys are colorful and fun so that your little one will not easily get bored. We have items from the leaders in early child development including Melissa & Doug, Learning Resources and MotivationUSA, so you can be sure of their effectiveness.

To keep your baby happy in their crib, stroller or car seat, we have a wide selection of simple toys designed just for this purpose. Items like rattles, mobiles and dolls can keep your little one occupied during the longest commutes. Many of our selections are musical, or they generate other sounds that will fascinate and delight your baby. Teething rattles provide entertainment, and they also allow your baby to soothe aching gums. We have special toys for ages 1-2 along with items for older babies that meet industry standards for safety. Most products require no assembly, and your child can start playing with them immediately.

Ride-on toys are a favorite among babies and toddlers. We have an array of push/pull, pedal, powered cars and other vehicles that your kids will love. Some of these toys are suitable for children starting at about 12 months old. Toy building sets are another excellent option that will help your little ones develop skills at an early age. Larger fabric block sets are appropriate for the very young since the pieces are too big to swallow. As your infant grows older, you can introduce them to building set favorites from Lego and Fisher-Price. Our baby toys capture your little one's attention with bright colors, neat noises and strange shapes. Babies love new things that stimulate their senses, and Sears offers products tested for effectiveness by the fussiest children!

You can find all the top baby toy brands at Sears, including 3 Sprouts, Fisher-Price and Big Toys, so you can do all of your shopping at one online location. Our toys are safe for the youngest of little ones, and we have everything from educational sets to ride-on cars. You can also find great items to keep your baby happy and occupied while in the crib, car seat or stroller. Shop Sears today for quality baby toys at low prices!