What to Wear for Back to School: Dress for Success in the Latest Styles

Summer is coming to an end which means school is only a few weeks away. It may have been months since your kids have seen most of their classmates, so making that first impression is important when going back to school. We understand that shopping for back-to-school clothes can be stressful for parents and sometimes kids alike. However, Sears carries the latest fashion for kids and teens so your kids will be able to find affordable styles with ease. Whether you have young kids, preteens, tweens or teenagers, finding the best looks for school will be easy with these helpful tips for this year's fashion.

Back-to-school clothes for elementary school and middle school

Young kids are still growing into their own sense of style while still wearing the clothes parents are suggesting. Back-to-school shopping is easier than you think. When it comes to younger kids, think of durability, activity and fun colors. Since younger kids are generally more physically active, they'll need clothes that won't prevent them from comfortably mobile in their clothes. Little girls like bright colors and collection sets; it's all about matching and femininity. Legging or pants sets that have matching colors or embellishments are the foundation to teaching kids how to match. Once girls hit middle school, they might start wanting to wear dresses more and more. Middle school girls outgrow the idea of matching sets and want to feel more mature and have the freedom of style like high schoolers. However, some girls want to add a little rock star style to their looks, with casual canvas shoes and graphic shirts.

Boys' back-to-school outfits are not-so-surprisingly easier than girls'. From elementary school through middle school, boys' styles stay fairly similar. T-shirts with plaid button-down shirts are great, basic coordinates for boys and young men. Whether the t-shirt has a graphic design or the button-down has an embroidered breast pocket, he'll be walking down the halls in style. Middle school boys tend to act more rough and tough, so they may lean toward Henley shirts and colorful hoodies.

Back-to-school clothes for high school

High school students are more self-aware of their clothes than younger kids may be. Fashion-conscious teens want to have the best looks for back-to-school season. Teens come back to school sun-kissed and well-rested, and want to show off a few more summery looks before the fall season rolls in. Light colored denim shorts or skinny jeans are big for juniors, as are printed jeans and jeggings. Paired with a flowing tank top or lace blouses, junior girls will be fashion-forward this fall.

Young men's fashion, on the other hand, is almost similar to what they were wearing in middle school, but more nature. Logos and images of video games, comics and brand names decorate graphic t-shirts. Cargo shorts in solid color and camouflage and twill casual shorts are versatile in the look he wants to go for. From everyday prep to sports casual, young boys will find perfect basics to create their best looks for back-to-school.

Whether you have young kids or preteens or both, you have plenty of shopping to do for back-to-school. Thankfully, regardless of age, kids are looking for the same thing in their back-to-school outfits.  Bright colors and patterns, colored denim and thick bold stripes are in this fall for boys' and girls' fashion. As kids get older, their personalities and fashion choices may change, but when shopping for kids' clothes, look to Sears for a variety of styles for both guys and girls. While clothes are essential to any outfit, don't forget that clothing accessories can easily change your kids' outfit personalities. Your kids will enjoy going back to school when they have new outfits to mark the occasion.

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