Back-to-School Denim for Juniors

When heading back to school, one of the biggest fashion choices juniors have to make is what kind of denim pants to buy. With fashion trends almost constantly changing, it's sometimes hard buying denim for juniors. What types of jeans are trending for the fall? What colors or prints are in style? Today's fashion styles have been leaning more towards looking streamlined and silhouetted, meaning this year's back-to-school styles are the skinny and superskinny jeans. First, with skinny or superskinny jeans, you don't have to be super skinny to rock the look. Skinny jeans are mean to smooth and flatter your curves, especially when teens and juniors wear the right size denim pants. Keep in mind, too, that skinny and superskinny jeans should bunch only a little at the ankle, otherwise juniors will look short and sloppy.

However, for girls who are either self-conscious of their figures or prefer a more relaxed look, boyfriend, cropped and boot cut leg styles are also available. Boyfriend jeans are cute denim for juniors and give an effortless, yet comfortable, look. Because of the extra room in the tights and in the calves, boyfriend jeans should be paired with fitted tops. Cropped jeans are similar to the boyfriend jeans, in that they are gathered above the ankle at about mid-calf as well. Unlike boyfriend jeans, cropped jeans are snugger around the thigh and leg portion. These cropped denims are a great transitional piece of clothing for when it's too cool for shorts but not cool enough for full-length jeans. Boot cut jeans are the most universal pair of jeans a girl could possibly own. The cuff on these pant legs should hit the middle of the foot, so when worn with heels, her legs will look long.

Cute denim for juniors

Once teen girls have decided which leg width and style of jeans are fit for her, it's time to choose color, pattern and texture. There are a handful of colors and patterns to look for when buying denim for juniors this fall. Although colored jeans have been popular for quite some time, it's time to kick it up a notch. Neon colored jeans brings the summer sun to her outfits and reflects her bright personality. When wearing neon colored denim or leggings, match it with a basic, flowy tank or a graphic tee for a flirty, fun look.

Along with brightly colored jeans, distressed and bleached denim are making a strong comeback this fall. Bleached jeans can look like you accidentally mixed your laundry again, but with the right pair, she'll set the fashion standard at school. Make sure you pair bleached with simple tops; busy tops with bleached or patterned jeans will only make outfits more complicated. In fact, pair these bleached out jeans with a slouchy sweater this fall and with booties or canvas shoes for a grungy 90s look. Distressed jeans are making a comeback, as well, this fall. Although this look isn't for everyone, destroyed distressed denim for juniors gives them a rocker-chic feel; paired with a graphic tee or a cute chiffon top, teens will look unstoppably adorable.

Whether teens are wearing skinny, superskinny or boyfriend jeans, they'll look perfect with a pair of heels or wedges; however, if school dress code asks for modest footwear, teens and girls shouldn't overlook the powers of a great pair of flats or riding boots with their outfits. Accessorizing is important and the proper footwear is the biggest accessory she can wear.

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