Back-to-School Denim for Kids

When it comes to kids' back-to-school fashion, there's a lot to consider. Your kids may be too old to wear kids' collection sets but too young to wear juniors' or young men's clothing. The first step to giving your kids the freedom of dressing themselves and building their own wardrobe is to start with the foundational garment: denim jeans. When kids pick their own jeans and pants, they have the building blocks to create their own outfits and determine their sense of style. Denim for kids doesn't have to be the regular blue jeans that you know. The beauty of children's fashion is that it reflects their youthfulness while also shows some similarities to juniors' and young men's fashions. Let your child's fashion sense come alive this back-to-school season by letting them select from the many different styles and colors of jeans available.

Back-to-school denim for girls

Young girls and tweens are developing their own personality and sense of style while watching their older sisters or the older girls in school maintain their own. While young girls may want to dress like their older counterparts, you still want your daughter to remain modest in how tight her clothes are. The back-to-school denim for girls this fall is similar to that of juniors: skinny jeans with prints, patterns and bright, bold colors. However, the best part about young girls wearing skinny jeans is that their legs are generally skinny and slender already, therefore skinny jeans will fit their legs well without being too tight. Plus, the funky fresh leopard print patterns in pink look more age appropriate for young girls. Match these bright, playful colored jeans with a graphic tee. Jeggings, or jean leggings, are a great middle ground for mom's whose daughters want to wear leggings over jeans. The same denim material is used in jeggings as in regular denim for kids, but with a little more elasticity. Jeggings and leggings look great with a long tunic and flats. Bootcut and flared jeans with embellishments and embroidery are also available for girls who want more relaxed fitted jeans.

Back-to-school denim for boys

Buying back-to-school denim for boys is much easier than shopping for girls. Boys' jeans can either come as cargo, boot cut, slim or relaxed fits and cuts to match up with your son's personality. Skinny jeans may be the trends for girls, but that doesn't mean boys have to follow suit. Depending on brand and manufacturer, boot cut jeans may seem slimming or not as baggy as cargo or relaxed fit jeans. Boys tend to wear looser fitting t-shirts or button-down shirts, so pairing that with baggy jeans will only make him look short or disheveled. Although he may have rolled out of bed on his way to school, he shouldn't dress like he has. Some boys may not care about the color of their jeans, but color is essential for versatility. Dark wash jeans can get the most use from boys, giving him the touch of sophistication and a more neutral palate than medium wash jeans. Increasing in color this fall for back-to-school denim for boys is gray colored denim. This lighter neutral color is a great look for fall that he can wear year round.

This fall, make sure you buy the best kids' denim for school, from skinny jeans and jeggings for girls to boot cut and relaxed fit for boys. Keep in mind that a good pair of jeans is the foundation to mixing and matching tops and footwear, and to discovering a personal sense of style. Watch your kids grow and evolve in and out of the classroom; have your kids dress for success when going back to school.

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