Back to School Shoes That They Will Love

Back to School Shoes That They Will Love

When it's time to head back to school, your kids are going to need new shoes for school, activities and more. Shopping for back to school shoes can be a tedious process if you don't know what you're looking for, so it's best to plan in advance Buying new kids' school shoes and clothes each year is an activity that many kids look forward to. It can even make going back to school more exciting for kids who are disappointed to say goodbye to summer. 

The most important thing you need to do before you get shoes for school is to make sure that you know what size shoe your child wears. With his or her ever-growing feet, you should regularly measure your child's feet to ensure that he or she is wearing the right size shoes. You can use a Brannock device if you're shopping in stores or a shoe size guide that will explain how to measure your child's shoe size.

Girls' Shoes for School

Your little girl should have stylish shoes that are comfortable and affordable. While jellies and flip flops are great for summer, fall and winter require sensible girls' shoes that she can wear to school and on the playground. You'll want to get her a sturdy pair of sneakers for gym class and running around during recess.

Of course, she'll also likely want a pair of more feminine shoes, like ballet flats. Make sure that your little girl is ready for the rain and snow with girls' boots, as well. You may want to purchase both rain and winter boots, so that she's prepared for any severe weather. Her feet will stay warm and dry, and you'll rest assured that she'll get to and from school with ease. 

If you've got a tween or teen in the house, stock up on the trendiest shoes of the season so that she can strut into class with pride. She'll also love having a couple pairs of comfortable ballet flats to match her many outfits. Fashion boots, as well as seasonal boots are also popular among tweens and teens.  Instead of browsing through mature styles in women's shoes, she'll love choosing from a fabulous selection of shoes for juniors.  It's not uncommon for a girl to need 5-8 different pairs of shoes as she progresses into older grades. From gym shoes to formalwear shoes, help your teen prepare for the coming school year with all of the right shoes. 

Boys' Shoes for School

When you're looking for kids' school shoes, Shopping for back to school shoes for boys may seem easier than shopping for girls, but there are so many different types of shoes for boys to choose from. When it comes to sneakers and gym shoes, your little guy might have a definite preference whether he wants athletic shoes or skate shoes, which show off very different styles for boys. If he wants a unique shoe, consider a pair of Heely's. These funky shoes come with the option to add a wheel to the heel, for the ultimate wheelie sneaks.

When your little guy has a school concert or special event, he'll need a nice pair of dress shoes to wear with his suit. Some kids even prefer to show off a sense of style with a pair of boys' wingtip shoes or other trendy options that he'll wear with panache. For more casualwear, a pair of canvas slip ons make the perfect boys' shoes for the little guy who doesn't want to identify with brand name sneakers or skate shoes.

Older kids will require several pairs of shoes to wear throughout the school year. Middle school and high school boys will love wearing their favorite pair of casual shoes to class every day, but they'll also need a reliable pair of shoes for gym class. Some guys will require specialty shoes, like winter boots or work boots for trudging to school in the rain and snow. If he's an athlete, he'll likely need a special pair of shoes designed for his sport of choice, whether it's football, track or basketball. Of course, he'll also need a stylish pair of men's dress shoes to wear during school dances, concerts and other events.

Whether you're shopping for little girls, boys, teens or all three, back to school shoe shopping is easy when you know what you're looking for. After you measure their shoe sizes, you can ensure that your kids will have all the shoes and boots that they need to get through the school year in style.

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