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      Discover the lightly refreshing scents of body spray

      In bouquets of lighter fragrances, body spray from Sears provides that all-over refreshing feel after a shower or before you leave the house. Settling on skin with a fine mist that evaporates quickly while leaving a finer scent behind, sprays can be part of your layering beauty routine or can be used alone when you don't want a perfume that overpowers. Spice and notes of jasmine, along with floral cherry blossom and hints of vanilla are all timeless choices. Women will appreciate such brands as Ralph Lauren and Revlon while girls will find favorites from Mary-Kate and Ashley along with Mattel's Barbie brand. Many men also prefer a lighter masculine spritzing as an afternoon-into-evening refresher or a morning pick-me-up. Alone, or paired with lotions and colognes that complement, sprays that are barely there for any occasion are wonderful for replenishing lost moisture.

      Smelling good on a daily basis begins in the shower or bath and continues with lotions, powders and deodorants. Underarm coverage should do its job of protection but should never compete with fragrances. Scented selections dissipate quickly while unscented sticks, sprays and roll-ons are also trustworthy choices. Antiperspirants will keep you dry when under pressure while still blocking odor. Herbal formulas incorporate all-natural ingredients that can work well on almost all types of skin. Brands for men and women include Axe, Old Spice and Dove along with Junior Varsity Naturals for kids.

      From light peach fuzz to tough stubble, body parts require some regular attention from the razor. Shaving creams in tubes and jars do a superb job of prepping the skin first. Like gels, many include moisturizing agents that reduce irritation while allowing blades to do a better job on legs, faces and other areas. Lanolin and vitamin infusions are excellent beard softeners and can pair with pre-shave oils to work even faster. You may prefer the convenience of aerosols for quicker lathering. Many feature scents that make the process more of a pleasure and less of a hassle.

      While replenishing moisture and nourishing skin, you'll want to treat body surfaces to the softest towels that wick away excess water. Bath sizes, hand towels and washcloths in matching colors along with shower curtains, rugs and accessories will pull your space together. From master baths to children's and guest bathrooms or powder rooms, we have selections for everyday and for occasional use. A range of classic and designer colors in thick, absorbent Egyptian cotton brings a fresh, new look to traditional or modern bath areas.

      Throughout the day, your body may need a little freshening with sprays and spritzes. For every occasion from work to play and for special engagements, you can find just the right scent at Sears that will please your own senses while giving skin a revitalized glow. With many of our top designer brands for men, women and children to choose from, you'll always have just the right fragrance to suit the occasion or the mood.


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