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Find ready relief on better toilet seat hardware

You spend more time in the bathroom than you might think. If your lavatory isn't a comfortable space, you'll come to dread those calls of nature. Sears helps you find cool bathroom decor and functional fixtures that let you relieve yourself in total comfort. Upgrade your washroom today with our toilet seat hardware finder.

You don't have to redo everything from the ground up. It's easy to find different decorative seats, rugs and accessory sets that let you make the perfect statement. Go with plain, solid colors from our Comfort Seats and DURAVIT lines to match the borders around your tub or the tiling on the floor. Make the kids' bathroom a little more fun with one of our Centoco Translucent Dolphin Toilet Seats, and create an exciting oceanic theme that makes potty training go much smoother. You can even go completely wild with our Oxford Creek Green or Pink Spiral designs to build a different look for every bathroom in the house. Design a rustic look with one of our many Comfort Seats Designer finished wood seats, and make sure that your guests clean their hands with our selection of appealingly themed hand soap refills and dispensers.

Pick something with a comfy texture that feels good to sit on. Bathroom accessories and hardware like our toilet seats are made from many different materials. Pick a finished wood to avoid having to sit on a freezing cold toilet in the winter, or install a plastic resin seat for something a bit softer. Install a resin-hardwood mix seat like our Kohler K-4716-T-33 Triko Round to combine the best of both worlds, or sit in complete luxury on one of our Ginsey Corinthian Marble padded seats.

Pick something that helps people use the bathroom with ease, like an accommodating Bemis MA2055T 000 Medic-Aid Plastic Open Front Seat. Safety side arms, commercial grade plastic and antimicrobial treatment make maintenance and routine usage super easy for those with limited mobility. Turn your bathroom into something fit for a mansion with one of our Bio Bidet toilet seats. These remote control-activated cleaning systems let you personalize your restroom experience, and they're great for those who have a hard time cleaning themselves or who simply want to cut down on the amount of tissues that they throw into their wastebaskets. Enjoy these heated seats during the winter, and you'll never want to leave your throne.

Replace an old seat that sways side to side with something that adds stability and a decorative flair. Make your bathroom more sanitary with antimicrobial surfaces. Sears is stocked with everything you need to build a better bathroom. Shop our selection of toilet seat hardware online today, and create a more relaxing place that you won't mind spending time in.


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