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Brushes and Applicators For Makeup

In order to create any flawless makeup look properly, it is crucial that you start with the right kind of makeup applicator. Makeup professionals from all over the world use a variety of sponges, brushes, and other applicators to help their clients look and feel their best under the limelight. Why should you be any different? Trust Sears to provide you with all of the makeup, application tools, and accessories you need to make a major impression with quality beauty products at everyday low prices.

Due to its reputed skin benefits and ease of application, mineral makeup is one of the most popular choices of makeup lovers everywhere. Available as foundation, concealer, blush, and more, mineral makeup provides skin with the nutrients it craves without causing drying, flaking, or break outs like many other types of popular makeup. Sears provides you with mineral benefits in everything from eye shadow and mascara to summery bronzers and foundations, making your makeup regimen more complete than you ever thought possible.

To apply your makeup beautifully and easily, use a specially designed makeup brush or applicator. Mineral brushes are made with state-of-the-art synthetics as well as natural bristles, depending on the makeup effect you're looking for. Softer brushes help highlight cheekbones and draw out the natural contours of your face. A stiffer brush is often best used for detailed application of eye shadow or brow bone highlighter, providing you with a dramatic eye look that doesn't go over the top. Foundation brushes used with liquid foundations, often flat in shape, are easily cleaned and maintained with a simple brush cleaner and air dried to aid in shape retention.

Get the absolute most from your beauty routine with a versatile makeup mirror. Choose a wall-mounted version or one that stands securely upon a pedestal. Most makeup mirrors are now fitted with a specialty LED light that helps to illuminate your working surface without being too bright to handle for long periods of time. One side of the mirror is used specifically for close up work while the other offers a wider view. Whatever your preference in makeup, mirrors, applicators, or accessories, Sears has the products you want at prices you'll love. Stop in to your local Sears store today for additional details and unbelievable savings.

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