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A well-stocked bathroom needs beauty cotton balls, which are useful for so many different tasks. From putting ointments on cuts and scrapes to applying and removing makeup, cotton balls and swabs multitask like few other household items. Sears carries a variety of sizes, so whether you live alone or you have kids who run through dozens of cotton balls each week, you'll find a package that works for you. We make personal care readily available and affordable. With a wide assortment of beauty and wellness products from Sears, your entire family can be healthy from head to toe.

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Find multiple uses for beauty cotton balls

Everyone knows that a medicine cabinet is not complete without cotton balls and swabs. Many unfortunately do not understand the different types of beauty cotton balls and how each type is used. Cotton swabs are useful as makeup applicators but are also needed to correct small mistakes. A dab of eye makeup remover on a cotton swab swiftly removes mascara that has gone astray. Cosmetic puffs allow an even application of facial moisturizer and foundation. Thin cleansing pads are great for removing makeup while jumbo cotton balls work best with astringents and toners.

Never be caught without your beauty cotton balls while you are on the go. Purchase Bulk Buys Cotton Squares in a Box so that you will always have an extra in your purse and cosmetic bags. The QTips Cotton Swabs Travel Pack makes carrying cotton swabs simple while the easy to use carrying case ensures that the swabs stay clean and sanitary. You might also decide to keep the cotton balls that are used for beauty separated from those that are reserved for first aid. Purchase a cosmetic case through Sears to keep your first aid supplies stylish and handy. Toiletry kits from Outdoor Shopping are ideal for this purpose.

A well-stocked first aid kit does not need to be obtrusive. A small cosmetic case outfitted with the right supplies is easy to carry and does not get in the way. Include cotton pads that can double as cleaning materials and bandages in case of an accident. The Fantasea 120 Pc. Cotton Assortment contains numerous types of cotton in one convenient carrier that keeps your supplies from getting soiled. Add alcohol prep pads and ointments to treat scrapes and burns. Include lip balms and sunblock to keep the sensitive skin on your face and mouth safe from the elements.

Beauty cotton balls are great whether you are on-the-go or prefer to stay at home. They are necessary medicine cabinet supplies for all members of the family as well. Pediatricians recommend cotton balls for cleaning newborns rather than submerging them in baths. They are also useful for applying ointments and lotions in order to avoid messy hands. Cotton swabs can clean everything from ears to computer keyboards.

Choose Sears to purchase all of your beauty cotton balls and other cosmetic accessories. You can purchase the items you need in bulk quantities for great savings and to ensure that you never run out when you need them the most. Sears makes sure that you have some of the best prices around on all of your medical and cosmetic needs. Take the time now to stock your first aid kit and your medicine cabinet so that you have everything in place with no worries. Place your order today!


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