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      Make grooming and cosmetic tasks easier with mirrors

      Putting on makeup, shaving and performing other personal grooming tasks are all best done up close. Vanity and bathroom mirrors have been providing that service for decades, and they continue to be among the essentials that you rely on daily. Countertop styles with their flip sides, varying magnifying options and settings for day, night and interior office lighting remain popular because you can move them anywhere. Wall mounts with swing-out arms are superb space savers that allow for installation at the most convenient height. Whether you're sharing a space or have the room to yourself, you can find just the right design to meet all your preparation requirements. Heading to work or class or stepping out for the evening, you'll be well-groomed wherever you go. Classic and contemporary mirrors are featured at Sears in gleaming chromed finishes, gold-tone accenting and in acrylics. Before you leave the house, be sure you have one of our compacts ready for last-minute touchups.

      Having the perfect mirror in place means you'll also need the right grooming tools. The smallest accessories can make a huge difference in your confidence levels. Tweezing, trimming and taking care of complexions are all processes that require regular attention. Men's kits for travel and at home are always appreciated while you can take over haircuts for you and your kids with complete sets designed for home stylists. Sponge wedges, eyelash curlers, dark circle removers and more are among our featured products that will only be easier to use in front of a mirror.

      Whether you're going for curls or sleek straight strands, the newest hair styling tools will help you achieve the perfect look. Flat irons with ceramic or tourmaline ion action can help repair damaged hair while hot brushes provide extra bounce. Blow dryers also work with negative ions to provide the right heat levels and reduce damage. Portable bonnets and tabletop models with structured hoods offer salon pampering at home. Style always matters, and we can give you the equipment to work with any hair type.

      Men and women have different needs when it comes to grooming, and we have a wide range of personal shavers designed for ergonomic ease of use. Lightweight and nimble, they'll give you head-to-toe coverage that takes care of heavy stubble or fuzzy down. Getting rid of unwanted hair will go quickly with such brands as Braun, Norelco and Wahl. Battery powered models give you options for travel or added mobility at home as well. While cleaning up, you may want to consider our featured nose trimmers, mustache systems and multi-piece kits with even more handy tools.

      The convenience of vanity mirrors with their adjustable lighting and magnifying capabilities will help you breeze through every morning's beauty routine. At Sears, we provide the best and latest trends in grooming and personal hygiene tools for you and everyone in your family.


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