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      Experience the luxury of fragrant body cleanser

      If you're looking for a deep, moisturizing clean every time you shower, shop the selection of body cleanser available at Sears. Choose brands such as Olay and Paul Mitchell for cleansers that revitalize and rejuvenate your skin as you wash. Natural products from Kiss My Face offer a deep clean using ingredients you recognize. Available as both liquids and gels, these hydrating cleansers offer smooth, rich lather and pleasing fragrances.

      Voluminous lather is a hallmark of body cleansers that sets them apart from soap. While you can use a washcloth with your chosen cleanser, bath sponges offer a better experience. Just a small squeeze of liquid or gel creates mounds of lather. Since you don't have to use a lot for each shower, your favorite cleansers last longer. Showering with a foamy, luxurious body cleanser leaves you feeling clean, relaxed and ready to face the day. For stubborn dry skin or scales, try a loofah from Earth Therapeutics. Made with natural vegetable fibers, this gentle scrubber removes dry and dead cells to leave behind glowing, healthy skin. Use it along with an exfoliating scrub from JERICHO for smooth results.

      After your shower, you want to stay clean all day. The fragrance from your cleanser may linger for a while, but it will eventually fade, leaving you susceptible to common body odors. Deodorants and antiperspirants combat this problem with a combination of light scents and sweat-fighting ingredients that keep you feeling and smelling fresh. Whether you choose a stick or a roll-on, be sure to pick a formula that's right for your body. Nivea and Old Spice make deodorants specifically for men while Degree offers an invisible solid that helps women combat perspiration.

      Your morning shower is only part of a hygiene regime that protects you from illness. Some of the same brands that you trust for body cleanser also make hand soap designed to kill germs every time you wash. When you can't get to a sink, zap bacteria with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer from Purell. Be sure to keep some cream or lotion on hand to combat dry skin during the seasons when you find yourself washing your hands a lot. Estee Lauder and others offer lotions that repair and rejuvenate cracked skin on your hands, feet and other problem spots to leave you feeling smooth and comfortable.

      Taking time out for a long, hot shower is a luxury that you deserve in the middle of your busy life. Body cleansers not only get you clean but also enhance your bathing experience with their unique scents. Many are designed to improve the condition of your skin, so you feel better every time you shower. Check out the wide variety available at Sears to find a cleanser that excites your senses.


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