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      Enjoy skin-soothing shaving gels

      Taking care of your skin while enjoying a close shave is easy with the Sears collection of shaving gels. Designed to allow a blade to glide over your skin without causing irritation, shaving gels and creams keep you feeling fresh and groomed while protecting your skin. From scented products that enhance your shaving experience with a pleasant aroma to gels engineered to soothe your sensitive skin, our broad selection ensures that you'll find the ideal solution for your shaving challenges. We offer a wide range of pre-shave and after-shave products as well.

      No matter your skin type, Sears has gels and creams that let you enjoy an irritation-free shave while enhancing your skin texture and tone. Ingredients include essential oils that nourish and revive your skin as well as lubricants and emollients for moisture replenishment. Whether you're searching for shaving products with anti-ageing ingredients to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful or looking for gels with pore-tightening properties to combat redness and razor bumps, you'll find the right cream or gel to suit your specific needs. Sears offers an extensive collection of cleansing products as well, from pre-shave cleansers and body soaps to a full line of hand soap products.

      For a complete shaving experience, our assortment of shaving gels includes sets that come with cleansers and after shaves. Pre-shave cleansers remove body oils and impurities from your skin before you shave. After-shave products close skin pores and offer a layer of protection against environmental pollutants. We offer an expansive collection of beauty care products and bath gift sets that help repair, renew and refresh your skin in between shaves as well.

      With ingredients designed to protect your skin from razor burn, shaving gels and creams are essential to achieving a perfect shave. The Sears collection includes trusted brands like Procter and Gamble and The Art of Shaving. Whether it's an aloe shave gel from Gillette for super-sensitive skin or a foaming gel from Bath and Body Works, Sears makes it easy to find the perfect skin care solution. For more skin care products for men and women designed to keep healthy skin feeling smooth and looking great, explore our complete line of bathing accessories.

      Whether you're getting ready to face a hectic day or heading out for an evening of fun, count on Sears for everything that you need to make sure you look well-groomed and feel clean and refreshed.


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