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For a Flawless Appearance, Shop Sears' Selection of Concealer, Foundation and Other Makeup Products

Concealer and foundation are the secret ingredients for a flawless appearance, and they can help you maintain a more uniform color in the facial region. Concealer is used to cover blemishes, dark circles and other problems in small areas. It might also contain salicylic acid to fight pimples. Foundation is typically used over the entire face. It can cover acne and improve an uneven skin tone. Additionally, many foundations help to hydrate and repair the skin. At Sears, youl find a beautiful variety of concealers and foundations for any budget and need.

Concealers are available in green and yellow as well as skin tones. Green concealer can offset redness from acne or rosacea, and yellow concealer can help banish dark circles. Whatever the color, this makeup is usually designed as a cover stick. Cover sticks look like tubes of lipstick and have a firm yet creamy consistency. The creaminess provides a somewhat thick cover yet easily blends imperfections into the surrounding area. Concealer is also sold in small pots and in thin trays like eyeshadow. It then applied with a makeup brush.

Foundation is offered in a variety of consistencies. For example, Maybelline New York features a 2-in-1 powder/foundation blend, a creamy mousse foundation, mineral powder foundation and several other options. You can also find foundations for teen skin, which emphasize blemish control, and foundations for older skin. The latter deliver extra moisture, help smooth fine lines, and even help to lift the skin. Sears makes it easy to find age-specific foundations and to sort the options by color.

To complete your look, finish off with a blush or bronzer. Blush and bronzer can be used just on the cheeks or artfully applied to the entire face for an all over glow. Sears sells an excellent variety of these powders, including the popular mineral makeups from Bare Escentuals, Lreal, Milani and other leading brands.

With Sears, it easy to have beauty delivered. Shop for concealer, foundation and other makeup at beautifully low prices.

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