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      Experience a touch of sophistication with men's fragrances

      The final touch to any man's style is a signature fragrance. The perfect scent can give a subtle suggestion of your personality and make the right first impression. At Sears, we carry hundreds of men's fragrances in a range of scent profiles. It's easy to find a choice gift or something for yourself. Pick up your old favorites or change things up to match the new you. From suit-and-tie classics by Georgio Armani to husky, warm leather notes for the working man, we have a cologne for men of every lifestyle and taste.

      Blending a cologne is an art form. Like a fine wine, colognes are defined by an alchemy of individual scents that come together in one harmonious palette. You can read about the profiles of many of our fragrances in their descriptions. Amber and musk add classic richness. Myrrh and orris root impart a resinous warmth while tobacco and oak moss give a svelte earthiness. You may associate notes like vanilla and lavender with women's fragrances, but designers like Gucci and Givenchy use them to add a balance of gentle sweetness to their signature scents. No matter what your mood or style, you can discover the ideal blend for you at Sears.

      Personal fragrances come in different concentrations to ensure you make the right impression. Perfumes and eau de perfumes are the most potent and, used in moderation, give a bold but refined impression at formal events. Eau de toilettes and eau de colognes are lighter and give a more delicate aura at the office or on a date. Splash colognes and body sprays are refreshing and understated enough for daily use. For an even more inconspicuous effect or to layer your scent for a fuller impact, choose a body wash or shaving balm from our selection of bath and body fragrances.

      Looking for the perfect gift? Take a peak at our top fragrances for some ideas. We offer designer and celebrity scents guaranteed to have the crisp edge and complexity that make the ideal cologne. Browse our range of fragrance gift sets that bundle elements like colognes, body washes and shaving balms. Select colognes come in both a standard and an "aqua" edition. While the standard versions may be warm and spicy, the aqua editions often have more refreshing profiles with citrus or rainwater notes. Not sure which to choose? Some of our gift sets feature samples of multiple fragrances for the recipient to try.

      Sears knows that cologne is the piece de resistance for the male wardrobe. That's why we offer a vast array of options for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a gift or to pick your trademark scent, you can find it at Sears.


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