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      Stand Out From The Crowd With A Unisex Fragrance

      In recent years, myths about how men and women should smell are being shattered and the idea of the unisex fragrance is catching on. Not only is a shared scent a romantic gift between sweethearts, it's also a fresh approach to perfume. Sears carries an array of 'no gender' fragrances with appealing new scents that aren't stifled by preconceived notions of consumer taste. Do away with your old and tired ideas about how men's and women's fragrances should smell and discover the exciting new world of unisex fragrance.

      Although many women love the smell of their husband's cologne, most wouldn't dare venture to the other side of the perfume store and purchase it for themselves. Now you can find a romantic unisex fragrance at Sears to share with your husband. We carry sweet couple's perfumes from Khloe and Lamar that are intended for two inseparable lovebirds. When the two of you can't be together during your workday, you'll feel like he's with you as you wear your shared fragrance. Browse our bath and body fragrances to discover Sears' collection of delicious body oils and lotions created for both men and women.

      The idea of the unisex fragrance is not strictly meant to be an item shared by a couple. Ever since the days of Coco Chanel, women have been captivated by less-predictable fragrances. With notes of patchouli and citrus, unisex fragrances stir the imagination more than the ordinary floral and fruity scents commonly sold to women. Because women have traditionally been more open to trying men's fragrance than the other way around, unisex fragrances tend to have more 'fresh' and 'wood' notes. At Sears, you can try revolutionary unisex fragrances from designers like Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier.

      Whether it's for a sweetheart or a friend, surprise someone special with the unconventional gift of a unisex fragrance. Find a fragrant ginger water spray from Roger & Gallet or an enticing lavender and coffee scent from Bond No.9 to let your friend know they stand out from the crowd. With our selection of luxurious designer fragrances from Hermes and Esteban Parfums, you can also find the perfect wedding or bridal shower gift. Browse our collection of scented candles to put together an incredible homemade gift basket for a special couple.

      Sometimes the most beautiful things cannot be categorized in traditional terms. With unisex fragrances, you can discover innovative new scents to try without the need to shop in your other half's section of the store. Our collection includes couple's fragrances, perfume sprays and fragrant waters that make uncommon and thoughtful gifts for a man or a woman. Shop Sears' unisex fragrance today and appreciate the unexpected.


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