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      Brighten Your Smile With Lip Liners, Lipsticks And Lip Balms from Sears

      Lip liner frames your smile and defines your lips. Lip liner makes your lipstick last longer and stops it from feathering into fine lines around your lips. You can easily define the area for lip color application when you start with a liner. For definition and a natural look, you can use a flesh-colored liner alone. Shop Sears' for lip liners at affordable prices.

      You can choose lip liners at Sears from all the top name brands. Cover Girl, Maybelline and Rimmel London make liners that are easy to apply and so creamy on your lips. Some liners include a sharpener, or you can buy one separately. A good lip liner not only defines the lip area, it keeps color on your lips for a longer time. You can choose a liner color slightly darker than your lip color, or you can buy a set with a liner and lipstick in the same color. For a more natural look, wear a skin-toned lip liner under your favorite gloss.

      It's easy to sharpen your lip liner. Place the liner pencil in the refrigerator for an hour. When it has chilled, use your sharpener to make a sharp point on the liner. Lightly hold the end of the liner between your fingers to warm before using.

      A beautiful lipstick is the perfect companion to your liner. Sears has all the great shades you love. Sears has lipsticks made by Revlon, Calvin Klein, Smashbox and many other brands. These new formula lipsticks are creamy and moisturizing, and the color lasts longer.

      Do you want lip color with protection and a lighter feel on the lips? Try using liner with one of our many lip balm products. Sears features brands by Burt's Bees, TheBalm and Kiss My Face. Lip balms contain natural healing and moisturizing ingredients. These protecting and healing balms are available as transparent gloss or tinted with shimmering color. Some balms are flavored.

      Lip liners and lip colors flatter your smile. Shop Sears for a wide variety of liners, sharpeners, lipsticks and balms.


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