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      Shop for hassle-free nail and cuticle care from Sears

      Even if you're applying artificial nails, healthy nails and cuticles make for attractive hands. At Sears, you'll find many products designed to keep your hands in the best shape possible even in the toughest weather conditions.

      With their wide selection of lotions, scrubs and nail treatments, OPI knows how to pamper hands and feet. Use replenishing oils to refresh dry nails and cuticles, or smooth rough feet with scented pedicure scrubs. Exfoliating cuticle treatments help to remove rough, unsightly cuticles and restore an even nail appearance. Finish your home hand or foot treatment with nail strengthening products that help nails to grow without cracking or splitting.

      Nail Tek products help you to hydrate and beautify both skin and nails. Dry weather and long, cold months can wreak havoc on your hands, leaving them dull and cracked with broken, peeling nails. Correct these problems with moisturizing cuticle oil, hydrating hand therapy and a variety of treatments made to restore weak and brittle nails to their former beauty.

      Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, stubborn nails just won't grow. When that happens, Sally Hansen can come to the rescue. Pair these with moisturizing cuticle cream or oil, and you'll be well on your way to having beautiful hands.

      Nutra Nail Treatments boost nail health by removing problem cuticles and restoring strength to nails. Made with mineral oils and other natural ingredients, nail care products from Nutra Nail boost nail health to promote growth and prevent painful breakage.

      Healthy nails and cuticles are a great foundation for you to build your own personal nail style. Once you've refreshed your nails and cuticles with our cuticle care products, the next step is to pick out your favorite nail polish and get started painting. Choose from your favorite colors like electric blue, hot pink and rose red. It's easy to change colors, too, because a quick swipe with nail polish remover takes it right off.

      Your hands look and feel better when you take the time to care for both nails and cuticles. Shop Sears for tools, lotions, and more to pamper your hands right at home.


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