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      Find Electric Razor Replacement Parts and Other Shaving Accessories at Sears

      Electric razors remove unwanted hair from all areas of the body, especially the chin and face. Shaving accessories ensure that razors provide a clean cut every time you use them. Sears has a selection of electric razor replacement parts and other shaving accessories for all of your shaving needs.

      Norelco makes razors and replacement heads designed to get the most precise shave possible. Quadra 7 Replacement Heads come in packages of three and work with Quadra 7 and Quadra Action Razors. Each replacement head is made from stainless-steel and comes with a cutter and a comb. The heads feature holes for short hairs and slots for long hairs as well as the ability to adjust to the shape of your face. Norelcos Arcitec Replacement Heads have a multifunctional display with battery level, battery low warning, charging, and cleaning indicators. Arcitec heads can charge for a shave in as little as three minutes or charge for an hour to ensure up to 65 minutes of shaving.

      When you use a razor for a certain period of time, it begins to grow dull. The Braun 3600FC Shaver/Razor Foil and Cutter Combo Packs helps you get a closer, better-looking shave from your razor. The FreeControl 1000 and cruZer 2000 series Braun Foil Shaver replacements use Smart Foil technology to capture hairs growing in different directions. In order to keep a Braun razor in prime condition, you should replace its foil and cutter block at least once every eighteen months.

      Spectrum razor replacement heads keep your electric razor sharp and fully functional. Spectrum Microflex Titanium SP-25 replacement heads work with R-200, R-400 and WR-5000 models, while Spectrum Microflex Titanium SP-27 replacement heads are meant for the R-600, R-800 and R-1000 series. The Spectrum Remington Microscreen1 Replacement System fits SF-2, SF-3 and SF-4 razors.

      Electric razors help remove hair quickly, but every so often they need replacement parts. Shop at Sears online for the razor replacement parts and shaving accessories that fit your electric razor.


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