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      Get the Best in Beauty and Skin Care Products at Sears

      Every good beauty regimen begins with a quality skin care routine. Because your skin is most beautiful when it is healthy and clean, Sears offers everything you need to create the right beauty regimen for you.

      To begin your successful skin care regimen, start with a gentle yet effective facial cleanser. Olay facial cleansers remove dirt, make up and impurities to keep skin looking clear and free of blemishes. Choose from lathering, foaming or lotion-based formulas, each one of which offers specific benefits for your particular skin type. Oil-free cleansers from Garnier promise to remove debris from the surface of your skin while nourishing with botanical extracts and soothing vitamins.

      If acne is a problem for you, choose from a broad selection of naturally formulated acne fighting products from Burt's Bees. Salicylic acid gently and effectively reduces the appearance of acne pimples without drying or irritating the skin. Moisturizing and pore refining formulas help keep skin free of blemishes after treatment. A topically applied blemish stick is perfect for pinpointing problem spots at home or on the go. For persistent acne scars, try the patented fading formula from Scar Vanish. Essential oils nourish skin beneath the surface to gradually fade and heal scars over time.

      Masks and peels are the perfect way to reveal a rejuvenated skin surface with every use. Ahava purifying mud masks exfoliate and hydrate your skin while removing harmful impurities and debris. Anti-aging ingredients, such as Dead Sea minerals and seaweed extract, help to replenish tired skin all over the body. Approved for even sensitive skin types, Ahava's energizing formula is infused with mandarin and cedar wood to provide an enriching spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.

      To keep your skin looking youthful and healthy, browse Sears' selection of moisturizers and creams. Products in the Retinol line illuminate your face and body with natural plant and fruit extracts without irritating skin. Brighten your complexion, diminish wrinkles and eliminate dark spots with Vitamins A and E. Green tea extract even helps protect your skin from sun damage, which can worsen these signs of aging. For your lips, try Retinol's antioxidant-rich lip conditioning formula, proven to give you younger, healthier looking lips. Additionally, check out Sears' top quality brands of humidifiers to help keep your skin looking great.

      Get the most out of your daily skin care routine with quality beauty products from Sears. Shop online or visit your local store today.



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