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      Hydrate Your Skin With Quality Moisturizers and Creams From Sears

      Adding and retaining moisture is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Get high-quality moisturizers and creams from Clarins, Olay, L'Oreal and other trusted brands for less at Sears.

      Your face is the first place signs of aging and sun damage appear. Keep your skin soft and smooth with facial moisturizers and creams in a wide variety of formulas. With moisturizers for every skin type, customized hydration is easy. Night creams provide extra moisture while you sleep, while lightweight daytime formulations smooth skin with or without sun protection included. Targeted creams and lotions revitalize and lift skin, help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and minimize dark spots.

      Body moisturizers and creams are equally essential to the skin on your body. Seal in moisture after your shower by applying body lotions and creams to damp skin. Thick, rich body butters are great for all skin types but especially ideal for dry skin. Scented body creams and lotions add moisture and a touch of fragrance while specialized moisturizers help diminish lines, achieve firmer skin or add a sun-kissed look.

      Hand creams containing shea butter, vitamins, minerals, natural oils and other nourishing ingredients keep hands moisturized, soft and supple. Have a bottle, tube or jar nearby throughout the day to protect skin from household chores, harsh weather and frequent hand washing. Hands look younger and feel softer with proper hydration. Apply immediately after each hand-washing for best results.

      Many face, hand and body lotions are available in travel size. Most smaller versions of your favorite moisturizers meet air travel size standards. They're equally good for carrying in your purse for extra moisture throughout the day. Travel size products also let your sample new lotions and creams at a low price.

      In addition to moisturizers, having a working humidifer will go a long way in keeping the skin soft and pliable.

      Smooth, healthy skin requires long-lasting hydration. Sears has creams and lotions from Ahava, Vitabath, Alyssa Ashley and more to moisturize your body from head to toe.



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