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Upgrade your bedroom comfort zone with down comforters

Start transforming the look of your bedroom into the luxury zone by outfitting your bed with a down comforter from Sears. We have dozens of down comforters in many styles and colors. The first impression sets the mood in your room, and with down comforters on your beds, that first look says that this is a room designed for relaxation.

The first visual impression you get when entering the bedroom is set by the bed, the largest item in most bedrooms. When you have the bed covered with a beautiful down comforter from Sears, that vision is one of luxury and comfort. The next impression will be created when you slip into that bed, between smooth and silky bed sheets. Exceptionally high thread counts make cotton feel like silk, soft and luxurious. Our Colormate sheets come in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. Many are blends of cotton and polyester to give you both comfort and durability. Cannon wrinkle-free sheets are carefree and easy to maintain. We carry a remarkable selection of bed sheets to suit every taste and style. Come in today to see what is new at Sears.

Another good addition to your bedding is a bed skirt. Often overlooked, bed skirts provide the finishing touch to a designer bedding look, and they are easy to use. Simply put the bed skirt between the box spring and the mattress. It will hang down towards the floor and cover up any view under the bed, where you may have already put some storage boxes or a storage drawer. Bed skirts may be plain or have eyelet lace or ruffles. Use neutral colors if you do not want to bother changing out the bed skirt every time you change colors or patterns of your other bedding pieces. Sears carries hundreds of comforters, sheets and bed skirts made by famous bedding pros like Cannon, Country Living, EasyFit and AT HOME.

Another design trick you can use to add flair to your bedroom is to put a canopy or tent above the bed. Four-poster beds can be used as canopy beds because you already have the upper frame in place. At Sears, we have beautiful canopies that you can use on a frame or suspend from a central point on the ceiling above the bed. Create an elegant atmosphere with a Casablanca Palace white or black sheer netting canopy. Tie back the four sides around each pole of your four-poster bed frame to have a romantic setting that also allows you to see your beautiful comforter and other bedding. Round canopy styles may be used above any type of bed, including cribs. Our bed tents have a flat bottom that fits under the mattress; these can also be used at the beach for a shaded play area.

With just a few added designer touches, you can transform your bedroom into an exotic-looking paradise. Put down comforters over your designer sheet sets and bed skirts, and then add an elegant canopy. The entire focus of the room will then be the gorgeous bed. Come to Sears for new bedding and bedroom accessories of all types. Pick up orders at our store, or have us deliver to you.


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