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Shower liners prevent water from escaping the tub

Keep the water in the tub and off the floor when you use shower liners from Sears. We have hundreds of individual shower liners with and without prints from Cannon and Popular Bath. Our shower liners range from 70 by 72 inches to 72 by 78 inches, so you can find a suitable liner whether you have a standalone shower or a tub combo. Select from Cannon vinyl liners in solid colors ranging from tan to blue, or opt for a clear liner to emphasize your shower curtain.

When hanging a shower liner, you have the option to hang it from the same bar as the shower curtain or on a separate shower rod. Hanging it separately lets you open and close the liner freely from the curtain. If you don't have a shower curtain, then you need a liner to keep water inside the tub so that it doesn't splash on your bathroom accessories such as the wastebasket or toilet paper. A solid liner provides more privacy, and you can use it as a curtain-liner combo or match it with your shower curtain.

Vinyl shower liners require cleaning at least once per week to prevent mildew growth. A cloth shower liner allows some water to penetrate the fibers, but it cleans easily in the washing machine. After your shower, close the liner, but leave at least 1 foot of space between the wall and the liner on both sides. The gaps let air circulate freely around the liner, helping to dry it quickly and prevent mildew. Many of our shower curtain collections include shower liners, so you get everything you need to decorate your bathroom and to keep water in the shower as you bathe.

Unlike a shower curtain, a liner provides functionality as opposed to decoration. Although you can match your shower curtain with your decorative towels, it only serves the purpose of adding visual appeal to your bathroom. With a colorful liner, you can complement the color scheme in the room and provide a barrier between the shower and your floor. Whether you prefer a separate shower liner or want a complete shower curtain set, we have what you need for your showers and tubs.

Install a shower liner in your bathroom to keep the water from penetrating your cloth shower curtain. Create a cohesive look in your bathroom with a shower curtain, a wastebasket and matching bathroom accessories. Shower curtain collections come with hooks, curtains and liners in one kit, and decorative towels with prints complement your curtain. Find even more shower supplies and bathroom accessories when you shop online at Sears.


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