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When it comes to creating exceptionally stylish dor in the bathroom, every last detail counts. In addition to selecting coordinating shower curtains, rugs and accessories, it's smart to choose a stylish wastebasket. Sears carries a broad range of top-quality wastebaskets for the bathroom. They come in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs and are designed by some of today's most trusted brands.

Selecting a specific theme makes it easy to decorate a bathroom. Sears carries many attractive sets that simplify the process of color coordinating various items. Country Living wastebaskets, for example, can be paired with other items from popular sets. With themes like Monticello and Piccadilly, finding the perfect wastebasket couldn't be easier. Glowing designs like Antique Gold inject a little extra sophistication into any bathroom.

Those who prefer low-key elegance and refined details will appreciate the style and flair of products like Casa Cristina wastebaskets. These wastebaskets and others like them feature incredibly thoughtful designs that put the perfect finishing touches on today's most stylish bathrooms. Contrasting colors pop out vividly from these types of well-designed baskets; chic etched patterns imbue them with healthy doses of glamor that are sure to enhance many bathrooms' decor.

A uniquely styled wastebasket can breathe a little excitement into an otherwise conservative bathroom. Products like Splash Home wastebaskets provide surprising touches that bring bathroom design to a whole new level. Several of these wastebaskets are made out of untraditional materials like rattan. When placed in a bathroom that has sleekly modern dor, for example, these wastebaskets introduce elements of surprise that bolster interior dor considerably.

Sears also carries a dizzying array of basic, everyday wastebaskets for the bathroom. These no-nonsense wastebaskets get the job done and feature unbeatably low prices. Best of all, they fit right into all sorts of different interior design schemes.

For children's bathrooms, everyday wastebaskets aren't going to do the trick. Sears carries an exciting line of kids' bathroom sets, and there are plenty of colorful and attractive children's wastebaskets available, too. These wastebaskets feature sturdy designs and easy-to-clean surfaces. At the same time, they are emblazoned with kid-friendly patterns and graphics. Soft pastels and bold, vibrant hues give these charming wastebaskets plenty of flair. They are sure to fit right into any child's bathroom.

Sears' exceptional lineup of attractive wastebaskets offer style, quality and affordability. For kids' bathrooms and regular bathrooms, they are sure to enhance and complement dor in stylish ways.


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