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      Babies can easily bump their heads and other little body parts, so you need quality crib rail covers to protect them from bruises and other injuries. Bumpers and similar covers will also protect your little bundle of joy from splinters and sharp paint chips. Sears offers a great lineup of premium baby bumpers along with other bedding supplies to help ensure that your little one is safe in the crib at all times. We provide all the popular crib rail cover brands including Trend-Lab, Cotton Tale and Westwood Design to keep your baby's crib as trouble-free as possible!

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      Crib rail covers offer safety and entertainment

      A new baby fills a home with great joy and a great many new pieces of furniture and accessories. Many of these accessories are necessary for babies' safety and development. Cribs are often chosen for both their functionality and their beauty. Crib rail covers protect this piece of furniture and your baby. They keep the baby from accidentally getting splinters. They also protect the crib from babies' bite marks, which are all too common during the teething phase.

      Babies begin to pull up on cribs far sooner than you might realize. Many first-time parents are shocked at how much damage the crib rail can incur from babies biting at an early age. Parents may also be surprised at the damage that can happen to mattresses from nighttime wetting accidents. This is why mattress pads must accompany crib rail covers as must-have items for your baby's nursery. Mattress pads are inexpensive time-savers that you will not want to be without. Most families have at least two on hand as they sometimes should be changed nightly.

      You can protect all sides of the crib with crib rail covers that match any decor. Solid color crib rail covers are easily found in standard white and ivory. You can also find blue or pink for gender-specific rooms. Trend Lab offers their 27" fleece rail cover in sage green for those rooms that are gender neutral. Shop for crib rail covers alongside your baby bedding sets to ensure your protective items accompany your decor. You may otherwise consider a rail cover that matches your dark wood furniture like the Leachco Easy Teether in chocolate brown.

      Many parents wish to encourage their babies to stand in the crib. A baby must learn to pull up to develop the motor skills for standing and walking. Many crib rail covers, such as the Leachco Easy Teether, come with velcro tabs so that you can attach any toy you like. This both encourages babies to pull up and to entertain themselves while in the crib. Make sure that you have the right baby bed sheets on the mattress to give your baby sure footing. Sheets with a slick surface can cause your baby to slip and fall while those that are ill-fitting pose numerous dangers to your child in the crib. Sears carries baby bed sheets that are suited to fit your mattress and provide a solid foundation for your baby's first bed.

      Sears carries everything for your baby and toddler so that you can watch your baby grow into a healthy young child. Shop Sears for crib rail covers for your new child. Make the purchase yourself or place your choice on the convenient Sears baby registry. Your baby will thank you!


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