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-Bella Dots Bundle
Bella Dots Bundle
Bella Dots Small Kitchen Appliance and Cookware Bundle. New at Sears. Available in various colors!
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Bella Cast Enamel Dutch Oven - 2.75 qt.
  • Bella Cast Enamel Dutch Oven - 2.75 qt.
  • | Sears Item# 00865605000 | Model# BLA-Q5263
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  • Cast Enamel Dutch Oven - 2.75 qt.

    Cast Iron Enamel Dutch Oven 2.75 qt Gets You Enjoying Uniquely Cooked Home Made Treats Making a delightful presentation on your dining table or stovetop, the vibrant Bella Dots 2.75qt cast enamel dutch oven orange brings a touch of warmth to your dinnertime. Cast from fine grain black iron and fired with porcelain enamel for low fat cooking, this cooker brings uniquely cooked foods to your plate. The cast iron distributes and retains heat superbly, and is very durable, while the enameled porcelain interior does not react with food or odors. You’ll enjoy flavor rich and totally tender foods each time. The cast iron enamel dutch oven 2.75 qt is ideal for preparing scrumptious sauces, stews, casseroles, pot roasts or chilis as it encourages even browning. Its heavy self basting lid locks moisture in so foods stay moist as they cook in their juices. The best part is this attractive dutch oven featuring generously sized handles moves easily from your stovetop to the dinner table without a fuss.

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