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      Radial arm saws offer a heavy-duty, power tool approach to making repeated cuts. Radial arm saws can be used as standalone equipment or anchored onto radial arm saw tables. Turret arms holding the radial saw allow for easy changes to cut angles and blade locations. With a 10 inch radial saw, you'll be able to prepare rough lumber for your project. Blades are replaceable and interchangeable to handle different materials and cutting needs, and many models feature automatic blade brakes to prevent injuries. Sears has radial arm saws and replacement blades to keep your carpentry projects running smoothly.

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      Cut even boards every time with a radial arm saw

      Purchasing lumber precut to certain specifications can be pricey. Investing in a radial arm saw will let you buy rough-hewn lumber and cut your own boards to your exact specifications. Unlike a band saw which is built to make a variety of unique cuts, the radial arm saw will take care of your large, straight cuts. The blade can be changed out so it can handle any type of wood without jamming.

      Radial saws are also great when you are short on space; unlike other saws, they can be placed up against the wall and require less clearance around all sides. This is great if you are trying to work in a crowded garage or tiny shed. These saws do the quick and dirty work of your projects so you can take care of the details later.

      Some radial arm saws are designed for specialty materials as well. You can find models similar to tile saws that are perfect for cutting large sheets of slate or stone. Additionally, there are some radial saws that can cut some forms of metal. These types of machines are generally found in commercial settings only, but you may need one if you plan to do a lot of work with flooring or sheet metal. Be sure to follow all proper safety procedures when cutting metal. For the basic handyman, a tabletop radial arm saw for lumber should do the trick. Shop Sears to find the perfect radial arm saw for you.


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